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Chapter 111 New Classification

Upon returning home, Xiaya gathered the leaders of Planet Hongshan and told them about the successful arrangement with the Galactic Patrol.

Adri, Brook, and the others were naturally elated, but they still had to carefully discuss the arrangement of personnel.

“During these two years of development, around half of the high-level warriors’ battle power who had arrived at the beginning has broken past 10,000.

Along with the outstanding geniuses among the mid-level warriors, we now have 121 Saiyans altogether on Planet Hongshan whose battle power exceeds 10,000! This not includes many who are just a step away from 10,000!”

When discussing their race’s achievements over these past two years, Adri and the others were extremely excited.

These people whose battle power has broken through past 10,000 were mainly members of their Guardian Corps.

Even though they haven’t received Ki cultivation yet, the gravity machine’s installed on Planet Hongshan still allowed them to make rapid progress in their strength.

As a result, Planet Hongshan has now become a place where a large concentration of strong experts reside.

It was a force that cannot be underestimated, even among the entire universe.

Although their peak strength at the moment could not compare to Frieza, Cooler, and King Cold’s Corps, they still has an overwhelming number of powerful people who could casually form a Squad and take control of an area.

Xiaya was very satisfied with the fact that he was the leader of such a force.

He nodded in approval and said.

“As our people’s strength continues to improve, our previous classifications of ‘low-level warrior and high-level warrior’ will also begin to lose its significance.

Thus, starting today, Saiyans below the battle power 10,000 will be called ‘Ordinary Warriors’ and those exceeding 10,000 will be called ‘Elite Warriors!’”

Hearing this, everyone present nodded in agreement.

The classification of ‘low-level warrior’ no longer held any more meaning.

So, there are 121 Elite Warriors on Planet Hongshan.

“What about those whose battle power exceeds 100,000” Alice’s beautiful eyes blinked at Xiaya.

Currently on Planet Hongshan, Xiaya and Xiling were the only ones who met that qualification.

Xiaya thrust his chest out in pride, and said, “Naturally, we will be called Super Warriors!” Right now, only he and Xiling were suitable for this name.

Smiling, Xiaya turned to everyone and inquired, “What types of teams do you think we should form to execute missions”

“Same as when we were back on Planet Vegeta,” Brook through for a moment and said.

“That mission model had been used for many years and is finely tuned, there is no need to change it.

However, what we do have to consider is the Squad’s strength when accepting a mission.

We cannot blindly assign them missions.”

Lise also nodded and said: “Furthermore, we should allow the Special Battle Squadron members to also go out and see blood.”

“They are still small and weak, so we should send the Guardian Corps to protect them in secret!”

“Ordinary Saiyan children also need protection when they are carrying out missions.

Of course, members of the Guardian corps aren’t allowed to help during missions if they are not needed.

Everyone voiced their opinions, because protecting these children was a crucial matter.

After all, the number of Saiyans were simply too scarce at the moment, and they could not afford to lose anyone.

Xiaya who was listening quietly nodded in agreement.

“That’s it then.

I’ll ask the Feidaya people to contact the Galactic Patrol and set up the mission management device as soon as possible.”

Xiaya thus made the final decision, effectively ending the meeting.

Later as they idly chatted, Xiaya spoke of his gains on Planet Yardrat as well as the incidents which had occurred during the journey.

Upon hearing it, everyone’s expression was of utter disbelief.

Palladi forcefully smacked the table and shouted loudly, “You really are something Xiaya, all this time I thought your battle power was only at 150,000.

But, you’ve already broken through to 240,000!”

“But this time you were seriously too rash.

Cooler is ridiculously powerful, you are really lucky to have escaped with your life this time.

In the future, you might not be so lucky.” Alice patted her chest, looking worried.

After encountering Cooler, he actually didn’t try to immediately flee.

Xiaya was really too much overconfident this time.

Brook, who had been silent this whole time suddenly spoke.

“Indeed, fighting can aid us in our breakthroughs, but these must be done carefully.

After all, we only have one life.”

Looking at everyone’s concerned expression, Xiaya understood that he had been overconfident and rash.

“Rest assured, in the future I won’t be taking such risks unless I have an absolute certainty on keeping my life.”

“Now that it’s settled, didn’t you say before that every Saiyan was heavily tainted with sin It seems that we have to find time to go out and maintain peace in the galaxy.” With a self-mocking tone, Brook said, “Who could have thought that we, the Saiyans, would end up as peacekeepers of the universe.”

“This is for our own sake.

I, for one, do not want to end up in hell after I die.” Alice gave a helpless smile.

Previously, she wasn’t aware of the importance of good and evil, much less about the existence of the Underworld.

But now that she knows, she naturally doesn’t want to suffer even after she dies.

However adult Saiyans have accumulated a lot of evil karma while under Frieza, so washing away their sins would not be easy.


Afterwards, Xiaya teleported to Planet Meishan to look for the Feidaya people.

They were situated on a continent that was surrounded by ocean on all sides.

At the center of the city, in a huge public square, a silvery-gray building pierced through the sky, while a giant 100 meter tall statue stood upright.

Xiaya observed and concluded that it was the exact same architectural style that Planet Feidaya had.

“Sir Xiaya!” Soon Duokela found Xiaya and hurriedly rushed over, greeting him respectfully.

After the Feidaya people arrived on Planet Meishan, they were able to quickly settle down and begin slowly restoring their race’s strength.

Thus, they were full of respect towards Xiaya who had saved them.

Noting Duokela’s sincerity, Xiaya smiled and waved his hand.

“Duokela, you don’t have to be so polite.

I have a task I want you to do.”

Seeing how Duokela was diligently listening, he continued.

“I just reached an arrangement with Galactic King that from today onwards, Saiyans will be receiving missions from the Galactic Patrol.

Because of this, I need you to build a mission management device which can connect us with their headquarters.”

“Rest assured, Sir.

Leave it to me.”

When he heard that Sir Xiaya managed to get in touch with the mighty Galactic King, Duokela’s eyes were brimming with excitement and admiration as he patted his chest in affirmation.

If Xiaya knew what he was thinking, he would be speechless.

There was no way he could connect Galactic King’s image with the word “mighty” at all.

“Alright then, I will leave it to you!” Xiaya laughed.

Regarding the Feidaya people, Xiaya was at ease when using them.

As the saying goes, trust those who you use, and don’t use those you don’t trust.

Feidaya people on Meishan were managed by Duokela, while the others on Planet Hongshan were managed by Eroh.

From this, Xiaya’s trusts them could be inferred.

It is also due to this trust that the Feidayas were doing their work with all their heart, deeply afraid that they would fail to live up to his expectations.

On that same day, news about the Saiyan’s being employed by the Galactic Patrol spread like wildfire.

Although several details still needed to be specifically discussed, Saiyans were so excited that they paused their training to rush around and spread the news.

“Finally! We can can go out to do missions again!” After hearing the news, they immediately sought their friends and relatives to share this good news.

They had been suppressed for far too long.

After two stifled years, they were finally allowed to go out and let loose.

They were all extremely excited.

A few days later, the detailed rules and regulations regarding the missions were released to the public.

Upon seeing them, they discovered that it was very similar to what they had back on Planet Vegeta.

The only difference was that the restrictions were much heavier when accepting new missions.

But this didn’t faze them at all, as they went out to eat, drink, and celebrate with their friends.

Planet Hongshan was filled with a bustling atmosphere.

At this time, Planet Hongshan’s leaders gathered all the Guardian Corps members and announced the new warrior classification system.

In this new system, the Saiyans would be divided into ‘Ordinary Warrior’, ‘Elite Warrior’, and “Super Warrior’

Taking into account that some people could potentially become Super Saiyans in the future, they even had a Super Saiyan classification above the Super Warrior, which were altogether four levels.

The ranking system that had been purely based on latent talent was completely abolished, while battle power was used for the classification standard.

After all, Saiyans would only become more and more powerful in the future.

This could also be considered as a kind of progress.


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