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Chapter 110 Cooperation

“It seems I have heard something incredible!” An unfamiliar voice suddenly resounded in the hall, followed by a figure emerging in the bright and spacious main hall.

“Who are you, to dare break into the headquarters of the Galactic Patrol!”

The guarding patrolmen around the main hall immediately discovered this strange activity.

Shocked, they loudly shouted and swiftly gathered in front of the Galactic king to protect him.

“It’s a human!” Jaco shouted.

However, after getting a clear look at the appearance of the person in front of him he shook his head: “Impossible, humans don’t have such high Battle Power!”

Jaco’s eyes were very sharp, few things could escape his eyes.

But when this person had appeared in front of him, he never even sensed a thing.

“No, he’s not human.

If I’m not wrong, he should be a Saiyan!” Galactic King’s big eyes stared while the several tentacles below swayed in the air.

After listening, Jaco hit his palm in his moment of realization: “Indeed, he is a Saiyan! He just looks extremely similar to a human.

Galactic King, don’t Saiyans have tails

He whispered to Galactic King: “Isn’t it said that Saiyans are all evil and cruel How come I don’t see any evil aura on his body”

“This I don’t know.” Galactic King responded.

“You speak of the former Saiyans of Planet Vegeta.

I am the leader of the East Area, the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan.

Today, I came to discuss a deal with you.” Xiaya’s tone was calm, without putting on the Saiyan’s fabled high and mighty airs.

Wrinkling his eyebrows, Galactic King waved his guards away and said, “What do you wish to discuss”

Xiaya walked over and casually sat on Jaco’s small spaceship saying,  “We Saiyans love to fight, but not to blindly destroy, so I feel we have a lot of room for discussion between us.

For example, protecting the peace of planets, or attacking space pirates…”

“And why should I trust you”

“You don’t need to trust me.

Especially considering the Galactic Patrol’s strength, they can’t do anything to us Saiyans at all.

I think it would be beneficial for both of us to let bygones be bygones and allow Saiyans to perform missions in the Galactic Organization like other Milky Way powerhouses.

This would be beneficial for both parties!”

There was an unyielding stubbornness hidden within Xiaya’s words.

With his strength, he had no fear of any other organizations.

Pondering deeply, Galactic King puckered his eyebrows.

An alliance with the Saiyans would not harm the Galactic Patrol’s strength, instead it would be a win-win situation.


But, the Battle Armour for the Saiyans must be marked with Galactic Patrol’s emblem.”

Xiaya shook his head and said.

“Using your emblem is impossible.

The Saiyans are an independent race, they are not subordinate to the Galactic Patrol!”

Back when they were part of the Frieza Force, all Saiyans had to wear Freiza’s battle armour.

But ever since Planet Hongshan was established, Frieza’s emblem was long since removed from their battle armour.

Now, it would never be marked again with a foreign emblem, even if it was from the Galactic Patrol.

“Fine, you don’t need to wear our emblem.

However Saiyans cannot harm innocent living beings when performing missions, or else our cooperation ends immediately.

Galactic King thought for a moment, and finally made a concession.


Later I will send some scientific and technical personnel to establish contact with the Galactic Organization.

Just to clarify, our primary activity range will be in the East area.

So when issuing missions, you only need to issue East Area related missions.

Any others we will not accept.”

Having said that and without waiting for a response from the Galactic King, Xiaya’s body vanished from the main hall, leaving behind a group of patrolmen blankly staring at one another.

Only after a while, did they react.

“Galactic King, are we really going to cooperate with the Saiyans Could it be some form of conspiracy” Some people were deeply worried.

“Saiyan’s have a notorious reputation within the Milky Way Galaxy, I do not trust that they will actually contribute to the peace of the galaxy.”

“But if the Saiyans don’t go around and create trouble anymore, our work would be that much easier.

Sigh… unexpectedly, these people weren’t destroyed along with Planet Vegeta…” Faced with the power of the Saiyans, the Galactic Patrol Organization really had no way to hold control over them.

At this moment, several strong experts that were in the nearby area arrived.

They had received Galactic Organization’s alert, but unfortunately arrived late.

It was a five-man defense squad, with each person’s Battle Power being above 10,000.

“Where is the Saiyan!” A old-gong like shout appeared.


Dudunjiya, that Saiyan has already left…” A patrolman softly spoke.

The burly man who shouted out earlier burst into a loud laugh and said, “That Saiyan monkey must have heard that this uncle was coming, so he escaped out of fright!”

“Uhh, no.

That Saiyan has just reached an agreement with us.” The patrolman then went on to explain the deal between them and the Saiyan race.

Even though he was there as a witness, he still felt it was unimaginable that such an event had occurred.

“What! Those Saiyans, that useless race had the gall to set forth conditions Just one fist of this uncle can pound them into the ground!” Listening to this, Dudunjiya sneered disdainfully.

The other companions in Dudunjiya’s defense squad also shook their heads.

Their contempt for the Saiyans were from the bottom of their hearts! Even when the Saiyans were at their most prosperous of times, they had never payed them any heed.

Especially now, against the few survivors of Planet Vegeta’s destruction.

In their eyes, they were simply some barbarians who had lost their home.

Yet they had the gall to claim they were a Fighting Race.

“Haha, Galactic King, when the Saiyans contact us, they will surely send us their location.

Allow me to personally go see what these remaining Saiyans have still got.”


Galactic King waved his tentacles and readily agreed.

He paid no mind to Dudunjiya’s words, because although his group was rude and barbarous, their relationship with the Galactic Organization had always been good.

If they wanted to go find the Saiyans for some trouble, then might as well let them be.


After returning to Planet Hongshan, Xiaya did not directly head home, but instead decided to stroll around the streets.

In the city’s leisure area, there were multiple small and large arenas, all designated areas for Saiyans to compete in battle.

Of course, fighting within the arenas were heavily restricted.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter how large the arena was.

If the Saiyans fought all out with their brutal strength, the arenas would never be able to withstand their attacks.

At the moment, in the middle of an arena, two Saiyans were fighting each each other.

Punches and kicks flashed out, and eruptions of Ki made for an exciting spectacle, causing the onlookers to burst out in cheers.

“Haha, ever since we came to Planet Hongshan, I feel much more free! Can’t you feel how enthusiastic the current atmosphere about martial arts is!” The crowd of Saiyans who were watching exclaimed.

Recently the a new popular phrase arose, “Martial Arts” and was constantly being spewed out of their mouths.

“Yes, I know! In just this one year my Battle Power has grown by leaps and bounds, increasing by several thousand! Every time I feel my power rising, I feel incredibly wonderful.”

“Sir Xiaya is much more powerful than King Vegeta ever was.

So young, yet such terrifying strength.

Say, do you think Sir Xiaya is the legendary Super Saiyan” A thought struck a spectator’s mind.

“Yes, yes, it must be.

Both Sir Xiaya and Madam Xiling are so incredibly powerful, they have to both be Super Saiyans!” Those who said this were clearly ‘Xiaya and Xiling’ worshippers.

“It’s good that our power has increased, but ever since we’ve stayed on Planet Hongshan, I haven’t been able to freely use my hands and feet much.

I feel as if my bones have gone stiff.

Who knows when we can go out and start performing missions again”

This sort of remark strongly resonated with the surrounding crowd.

Many people were nodding their heads.

It had been two years since they were able to fight to their heart’s content, and they sorely missed the joy of fighting wholeheartedly.

Listening to their sighing not too far away, Xiaya revealed a faint smile and thought in his heart, “The days when you will be able to let loose is coming soon.”


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