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“Milky Way galaxy also has an organization that maintains order and balance – Galactic Patrol.

Although they are unable to contend against Frost Demon Race, they can help stabilize a portion of the starfield.”

Speaking till here, Xiaya revealed a bright smile and continued: “Aren’t some Saiyans at a loss on what to do because they can’t fight Why don’t we accept missions from the headquarters of Galactic Patrol and then let them perform it This can both satisfy their addiction to fighting and can also eliminate their sins.”

This was the same as performing mission under Frieza’s leadership from before.

Only, one destroys planets and other protect planets.

In the Dragon Ball World, mortals death doesn’t mean the end of everything as they still have to receive King of Hell’s trial in Underworld, and then according to good and evil deeds done before their death; go to heaven for good deeds, and go to hell for evil deeds.

Only those people who had great contributions before their death were allowed to have physical bodies after death, while others soul wouldn’t escape King of Hell’s judgment even if they had reached Frieza or Cell’s level in strength.

Perhaps only after reaching the “God” level, they can transcend the rules of Underworld, but Xiaya understood that he will have to follow this rule for a long time.

This made him have no choice but to consider the problem of Saiyans position.

Xiaya wants to develop Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan like the Saiyans of Universe 6, a race which would receive respect from people.

Adri’s eyes lit up, this idea of Xiaya is good, but he immediately frowned again, “But, would Galactic Patrol agree to let Saiyans perform missions Our relationship with them is not so good!”

“How would we know if we don’t try” Xiaya smiled heartily; Saiyans have such a powerful force which can help with maintaining the peace of the universe.

He does not believe that Galactic Patrol would refuse.

“Well, then you should go make a trip to Galactic Patrol headquarters.”

Of all the people, only Xiaya has Instant Transmission ability.

It is only natural for him to go to the headquarters of Galactic Patrol; Besides, as the leader of Saiyans, only he can represent the entire Saiyan race.

“All right!”

“Hey, both of you are just focused on talking, I’m feeling little hungry.

By the way, who is going to prepare lunch” Rebecca stood up and looked at the time.

Unconsciously, they had been talking for hours.

As she was pregnant, of course, she could not cook in person, so Xiaya and Adri stared at each other and walked into the kitchen while smiling happily.

Next day.

The sky was hazy, the red glow of sunrise peeked out from behind the mountaintop and air was pervaded with a thin mist.

After Xiaya was ready, he looked for the location of Galactic Patrol’s headquarter, and then used Instant Transmission to rush over.

Galactic Patrol is headquartered at the center region of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Since it was under the direct jurisdiction of Grand Kai, ordinary forces do not dare to set foot there.

Since Galactic Patrol’s headquarter drift from place to place, Xiaya could only find the approximate position.

Xiu! Xiaya appeared in the outer space near the target point.

Suddenly appearing in a vacuum environment caused his body to be assaulted with powerful attacks.

Oh! Instantly, robust Ki appeared and wrapped around his body.

But Saiyans could not survive in a vacuum after all, so this condition could only last for few minutes.

Raising his head, he looked around.

Bright and lustrous, flickering stars were suspended in the dark sky shining with resplendent starlight.

“There!” In front, Xiaya saw a giant object.

His dark eyes suddenly brighten, and then he hurriedly sped up.

Xiu! A beam of light made a beeline towards the distance, quickly reaching the Galactic Patrol’s headquarter.

The headquarter was a giant sphere-shaped object surrounded by ring-like space corridors.

It was connected by four thick, 100-meter-diameter pipes.

The spherical core slightly dipped down and looking from afar, it looked like a huge spinning top placed in the starry sky.

“who is it”

Several aliens of different species discovered Xiaya who had suddenly appeared in the headquarter.

They all picked up their energy cannons and aimed it at Xiaya.

They are soldiers who guard Milky Way headquarters.

A radiance flashed on the bright red cannon in their hands.

After seeing what the visitor looked like, an alien, wearing galactic patrolman’s uniform, wondered: “Human Isn’t that a race from a distant planet, how could a human appear in the Galactic Patrol’s headquarter”

“Be careful, the detector has just now detected that this person’s energy is 12000!” A companion on the side warned in a low voice.

Xiaya’s real energy was as high as 240,000.

With his current ability to manipulate Ki, even with complete control, there will still be a large amount of energy overflowing out.

Only by comprehending a higher state, the even more perfect control can be achieved.

As for why ‘reveal’ 12000 Battle Power, it is to raise the bargaining power during the conversation.

After all, he came over this time to “negotiate,” and strength is necessary to have the confidence to be able to speak!

“How could it be that your detector was broken How can humans have such a vigorous Battle Power Isn’t he a human” That patrolman asked a question, with a hint of disbelief.

Ordinary members like them only have a little more than a thousand points of energy.

How can weak humans be more powerful than them

After looking at Galactic Patrol members, Xiaya knew that these people have treated him as a human.

Who asked Saiyans to look like humans To tell the truth, Saiyan should be counted as a human “species”!

Besides the noticeable characteristic tail, Saiyan looked exactly the same as human beings.

When Vegeta saw the Saiyan of Universe 6, he also did not recognize it at a glance.

“Yes, I’m not human, but a Saiyan!”


A few quick screaming sounds appeared.

The several Galactic Patrolman were suddenly on full alert, Saiyan’s reputation was really too bad in the Milky Way Galaxy! An alarm bell rang out.

Suddenly, a dense crowd of people rushed out from the headquarters corridors and everyone aimed their energy cannons at Xiaya.

Galactic Patrol organization maintains the peace of the Milky Way Galaxy.

It relies on its backer Grand Kai as well as numerous strong mercenary experts for protection.

The patrol headquarters does not have much defensive capability.

So facing the Saiyan in front of them who may attack at any time, Galactic Patrol showed unprecedented vigilance.

“Hehe, don’t be so nervous.

I don’t have time to dilly-dally with you, I will directly go to look for Galactic King.”

After speaking, Xiaya waved at them while smiling, and then under everyone’s eyes turned into an afterimage, disappearing.

His actions stunned all the patrolman before immediately rapid and sharp alarm sounds resounded.

The whole Galactic Patrol headquarters suddenly became a scene of turmoil.

“Quick, notify the Galactic King, Saiyan has attacked Galactic Patrol’s headquarters!”

“Wait, aren’t Saiyan already destroyed” A patrolman questioned.

“Surely, it is a fish that had escaped the net.

How can these evil Saiyans die so easily.”

The leading patrolman was very anxious because according to the results of the detector, that Saiyan’s Battle Power was at least above 10,000, and there was no expert at the headquarters who could deal with him.

“Quickly issue a mission, to have the nearby experts quickly come to assist, hope there would be enough time.” If the headquarter of Galactic Patrol fell, it would be a huge loss of face for the whole organization.

At the center of the spinning top-shaped building, in a honeycomb-like hexagonal room.

Galactic King, who have numerous jellyfish-like long tentacles, was lecturing a young patrolman.

“Jaco, I had given you such an important mission, why didn’t you completed it How are you going to explain it to me!” Galactic King, who was wearing a crown on top of his huge head, waved his hand.

The purple-skinned Jaco glared with his golden eyes, and said: “Galactic King, I had searched on earth for a long time but did not find the Saiyan child that you had said, I think he does not have the ability to threaten earth, or he would have long been discovered.”

Jaco then complained: “Also, the spaceship’s performance that you had allocated to me was really bad.

If the friends on earth hadn’t helped me in repairing the spaceship, I wouldn’t even have been able to come back!”

Galactic King coughed twice and said, “Cough, cough, since you didn’t find the Saiyan, then forget it.

Right, before you went to earth, didn’t you say that earthlings behavior is nasty.

Weren’t you going to destroy all humans Why did you change your mind”

“Yes, because after my observation, I discovered that Earthlings still have a protection value.

So, I suggest bringing Earth into the protection area of Galactic Patrol.” Recalling several friends who he got acquainted with on earth, Jaco suggested.

Have to say that this is exactly a 180 degree turn around from the original intentions!

Chapter 109 Galactic Patrol


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