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Chapter 108 Restless

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When Xiaya returned to Planet Hongshan, he did not disturb anyone.

With his current strength, if he wants to hide his aura, no one in the entire Planet Hongshan could discover him.

Before he had made a trip to Planet Yardrat and found that Xiling, Bardock, and Myers were still immersed in learning the secret skill.

So, he did not disturb them and first returned to Planet Hongshan by himself.

With Instant Transmission, distance in the universe was not a problem for Xiaya, but was just a matter of intention.

He did not go to look for Adri and others but instead directly come to the training area.

At this time, training area was very lively.

Saiyans were doing various exercises.

Compared to a year ago, Saiyan’s overall strength has improved by a lot.

Walking all the way, Xiaya could feel the liveliness all around him which made his mood wonderful.

Soon, he arrived at the training ground of the special battle squadron.

In the training ground, when the dozens of Saiyan youngsters who were training with each other saw Xiaya arrive, they immediately stopped their training and in sync stood straight to greet him.

Xiaya also nodded with a smile and then went on to inspect everyone’s training situation.

In the middle of the training ground which was initially flat and spacious, three or four 100 meters tall enormous building had appeared.

It was the gravity training machine that Xiaya had people especially prepare for special battle squadron members.

They were the rare intermediate level gravity machines that could reach 100x gravity.

At this time, there were dozens of special battle squadron members training in it.

Going in to check, Xiaya found that it was only at 15x gravity, then he nodded and walked away.

What Xiaya was most worried about is that these youngsters would have no fear, and turn on the gravity machine at very high value, beyond the tolerance limit of their body.

Fortunately, these children complied with his instructions and did not train foolishly.

In fact, Xiaya doesn’t know that his current position in Planet Hongshan Saiyan’s eyes was much more awe-inspiring than the former leader King Vegeta.

Especially in the hearts of these special battle squadron members, Xiaya was like a god full of mightiness and domineering airs.

He also visited Shaque’s side and saw that Shaque, Anastasia, and others were steadily improving their Battle Power.

Then, he again quickly left.


Walking on a crowded elegant bluestone road, several female Saiyan were coming and going while purchasing food.

Planet Hongshan’s food delivery was replaced by machines made by the Feidaya people, but commercial transactions were still carried out inside the residential area.

At this time, a figure ahead attracted Xiaya’s attention.

He smiled and walked forward.

“Sir Xiaya, you have returned.

What about Bardock” Seeing Xiaya, Gine asked in surprise.

Xiaya smiled: “Don’t worry, Bardock has already found a way to cure the after-effects of the curse at Planet Yardrat, but he will need some time to come back.” At that time, noticing the baby held in Gine’s arms, he stepped forward to play with her while he asked: “What’s the name of the child”

“This is my and Bardock’s daughter, Elise!” Gine said happily.

Elise, Xiaya softly muttered under his breath and then gazed at the child in Gine’s arms for a long time with an amazed expression.

He couldn’t help but exclaim that the world is full of wonders.

Bardock did not return to past and Son Goku unexpectedly have a younger sister!

“Oh, that’s right, since Sir Xiaya hadn’t returned for a long time, you must not know that Rebecca sister is already pregnant!” Gine said.

Since Bardock and Adri were the warriors at the apex on Planet Hongshan, the relationship between the two families was very close.

Aunt Rebecca is pregnant

Xiaya froze for a moment and then laughed while nodding his head.

Right, Uncle Adri and Aunt Rebecca are both still young.

It is very normal to have another child.

But don’t know when Xiling learned about it, what expression would she have

Xiaya touched his chin while thinking.

“Haha, Saiyans on Planet Hongshan are still very few.

Naturally, the more children, the better!” Xiaya said with a smile, and then asked Gine about Planet Hongshan’s recent situation.

Gine thought for a moment and said: “Overall, everything on Planet Hongshan is good, but there are a lot of Saiyan who can’t help but want to go out to fight.

As, Planet Hongshan is headquarters, they do not go all out when fighting, but even so, there are still many continents that have been destroyed.”

Listening to this, Xiaya couldn’t help but frown.

Saiyan is a race who are addicted to war.

Without fighting for survival, it was a lot less fun.

These Saiyans on Planet Hongshan have already exercised great restraint, but even then large-scale destruction cannot be avoided when fighting.

There is only one Planet Hongshan, and he is intending to live on it for a long time.

If the continent’s environment is damaged, perhaps it may not be able to recover for thousands of years.

And like that Saiyans wouldn’t be happy, and Xiaya’s management would also not be happy!

“It seems I have to look for something for these Saiyans to do!” Xiaya thought to himself, and by chance, he just happens to return so he will discuss it with Adri and others.

So, after saying goodbye to Gine, Xiaya returned to his home, took a rest for a while and then went straight to Adri’s house.

It was Rebecca who opened the door, seeing her belly bulging which was the signs of pregnancy, it probably wouldn’t be long before the child is born.

“Aunt Rebecca, it seems that Xiling will soon have a younger brother or sister…” Smiling, Xiaya said jokingly.

Rebecca smiled and said: “Why have you come back alone, are Xiling and others not back yet”

“Planet Yardrat’s secret skill is not easy to learn, Xiling and others still have to stay there for a long time!” Xiaya laughed, in the original work Son Goku took a year to learn Instant Transmission which may perhaps also be with the help of Yardratian.

He feels that it will perhaps take a while for Xiling to learn Instant Transmission.

“Uncle Adri”

“He’s still training in the gravity machine.

I’ll go call him out.” Rebecca said and let Xiaya enter the house to take a seat before going over to call Adri.

Adri’s home was his own home.

Xiaya wasn’t even a little bit awkward.

He casually found the sofa to sit down and picks up fruits to eat.

After a little while, Adri walked over while holding a wet towel, his dark face somewhat happy.

After not seeing for a year, Xiaya found that Adri’s Battle Power had been raised to 62,000! He is one of the few experts among Saiyans who have broken past the 50,000 mark.

It seems that once a gate was opened, Saiyan’s apex strength had also steadily increased.

Of course, Xiaya knows very well that such increase will have a “ceiling”.

When it reaches a certain level, it will become very difficult to increase again.

“Xiaya, how were your experiences at Planet Yardrat” Adri asked eagerly.

“Not bad, it was very rewarding!” Xiya answered with a smile.

Then, he briefly recounted the things which happened after leaving Planet Hongshan.

When they heard Xiaya mentioning casually that he defeated Armored Squadron and their daughter Xiling had reached 140,000 Battle Power, Adri couple couldn’t help but feel proud.

When they heard Xiaya encountered Cooler, Adri couldn’t help but sweat and reproached: “Little Ya, you are really, how can you go and challenge Cooler at your current strength Fortunately, no mishap happened!”

In the Frost Demon race, Cooler was even more formidable than Frieza.

Especially, when Xiaya mentioned that Cooler displayed 150 million Battle Power, both husband and wife involuntarily cry out in fear, their faces revealing stunned expression.

“Actually, I also wanted to escape, but I had just slightly hesitated, and Cooler had arrived…” Xiaya helplessly said: “But Cooler is really powerful.

My space-time ability wasn’t even a little bit useful in front of him.

I had made a miscalculation!”

“It seems that Saiyan has to work hard for a long time before being able to take revenge!

After hearing him, Adri gave a long sigh, somewhat fearful in his heart.

Frieza, Cooler as well as King Cold whose Battle Power was not known.

They are huge stumbling blocks lying in front of Saiyans, blocking their path.

If they are not removed, Saiyan couldn’t possibly stand back up.

Then he heard Xiaya spoke about the scene seen via Spirit Eye.

Adri’s eyebrows were knitted as he said: “According to what you are saying, if almost every Saiyan’s sins are serious, then after death, they will have to go through the trials of King of Hell in Underworld”

Adri found it somewhat hard to believe, but he believes in Xiaya’s words, thus he was particularly shocked.

“So for us, a more appropriate course of action should be to eliminate the sins of Saiyan as soon as possible and turn around Saiyan’s bad reputation in the universe.”

“What exactly do you plan to do”

Xiaya laughed and said, “Haven’t the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan become a bit restless because of lack of fighting Then, we will start from this direction.”

“You mean…”

Adri curiously looked and discovered that Xiaya’s temperament was becoming more and more like a leader.

As the leader of Saiyans, it is must to have this type of domineering and imperious manner.

This is not bad, as Saiyan is a Fighting Race, its leader has to be even more domineering and imperious.


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