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Chapter 107 Mysterious place

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Among the numerous Kais, Supreme Kai’s status was at the apex, and within his ruling domain, he can travel anywhere as he likes.

Only God of Destruction is his equal in the universe, but it was very embarrassing that Supreme Kai only have the position, but no equivalent strength.

This has caused Supreme Kai to not be able to effectively manage the universe under his jurisdiction.

Many times, they either have to train formidable martial artists or simply rely on the prestige of the God of Destruction.

However, God of Destruction Beerus’s temperament… is just like a haughty god which even Supreme Kai find difficult to manage.

Back to the main point, after fighting with Cooler this time, Xiaya fully realized the importance of teleportation skill.

At critical moments, this could be a life-saving method! So after his spirit broke through, he begins to repeatedly practice and test teleportation.

While repeatedly practicing, Xiaya had an amazing discovery.

He could feel that the space of the universe was not as simple as he had imagined.

Behind the smooth and partly distorted folds, there appeared to be a layer of seemingly existent yet nonexistent double-layered membrane.

These double-layered membranes are thin, durable and plentiful.

They spread out along this network and form a large network that tightly holds the entire universe together.

“What’s this Space network” With a hint of curiosity, Xiaya spread out his consciousness and ability along the network.

This is incredible; he discovered that the entire universe was covered with such membranes.

After passing through an unknown amount of galaxies, and dimensions, he found that these netted membranes were gathered at a higher space.

“All dimensions are extended out from that point.

Is it the starting point of the universe” Curiously observing for a moment, Xiaya extended out his palm and grabbed towards that little point in the void.

Involuntarily, his Instant Transmission was launched.

Xiaya’s body disappeared.

In the higher dimension.

Numerous stars were revolving periodically around a divine planet located at the center.

On a verdant, endless prairie, the blue sky reflected a circular pattern of stars.

This is a sacred ground that has never been set foot on by anyone since ancient times.

On a green, flat, and short hillside, Xiaya appeared there without any indication.

“What is this place”

Looking around while observing, a vast green grass field came into his view.

Occasionally there were several small hillsides and a few lush old trees.

Xiaya took in a deep breath of the smell wafting within the air.

Immediately, a fragrance assailed his nostrils and a distant, elegant tranquilness sprung up unbidden.

Moving a little bit, many doubts flashed in his eyes.

Then, he waved his fists several times and found that every time he punched, extremely strong power would appear in the air to obstruct his fist.

“What’s going on here, why is space binding force so strong”

Seemingly to confirm his guess, he condensed an energy wave in his palm, and then forcefully smashed it towards the ground.

After a burst of slight vibrations, on the grass field, a less than half a meter crater appeared from the power; its power was greatly reduced.

“It’s weird.

This place seems to have a very strong restriction.

If that attack was done somewhere else, it would have at least flattened a peak, but here it was only able to punch a small crater.” Xiaya felt it weird.

Moreover, there was no one here anywhere.

Although the scenery here is a bit like Planet Namek, Xiaya knew that this is definitely not Planet Namek.

A light breeze blew over.

Xiaya slowly soared into the sky, quickly adapted to the flight conditions of this dimension, and then began to accelerate.


A bright light ray streaked through the sky and a beautiful scenery swept past by.

Leaving a faint afterimage in the air, it instantly disappeared in the horizon.

As his speed continued to accelerate, the gentle wind became fierce.

Xiaya was flying for a long time, but everything in his surroundings was still same.

This place seems to have nothing but grassland.

Occasionally, only several lakes would appear which was a rare sight.

“Oh, what’s that” Ahead, something which was emitting light caught his attention.

Staring fixedly with an expectant look, he advanced at full speed.

However, nearing that shining point, Xiaya was surprised to find that it was a small hill.

Unexpectedly, that shining thing was a sword hilt that was inserted into the ground.

“Z Sword!” A surprised voice blurted out.

Seeing this sword hilt, numerous scenes flashed through his mind.

Isn’t this the Z Sword mentioned in the original work Inside of which was sealed 15th generation old Supreme Kai.

“So this place is the Sacred World of the Kai, then everything is clear, it’s no wonder that space here is so stable.” All of his doubts were cleared.

The stability of the Sacred World of the Kai is such that it can even withstand fight at a level of Majin Buu.

Hence, his minuscule amount of strength will naturally be hugely suppressed.

His eyes immediately shifted to the divine sword on the hillside.

Xiaya eagerly tried to see if he could pull out Z Sword.

However, the result was that sword hilt didn’t budge an inch.

Not coming out!

Shaking his head and sighing, Xiya laughed mockingly.

He is still far from being able to pull out Z Sword.

“The Sacred World of the Kai does not allow mortals to enter.

I should hurry up and leave.” Xiaya inwardly thought.

East Supreme Kai is easy to talk to, but that Kibito didn’t like to see mortals set foot on the holy land and contaminate the sanctity of the holy land.

Although Kibito, didn’t do anything in the later stages of the original work and wasn’t given much importance, Xiaya still couldn’t match Kibito.

Staring fixedly at the Z Sword for a while, Xiaya’s heart surged, and then he turned around before using Instant Transmission to leave the Sacred World of the Kai.

Soon after Xiaya had disappeared, Kibito who was dressed in a black divine gown, suddenly appeared next to the divine sword and looked around in confusion, “Weird, I had definitely felt a mortal’s aura, how did it disappear”

“Kibito, you surely felt wrong.

This is the Sacred World of the Kai.

How could there be a mortal here!” East Supreme Kai’s figure unknowingly appeared behind Kibito.

Kibito turned around and bowed respectfully towards East Supreme Kai: “Lord Supreme Kai, why did you come”

“Hehe, Kibito doesn’t have to be so formal!”

The silvery-haired East Supreme Kai smiled and looked at the spacious and desolate Sacred World of the Kai.

Then, he suddenly heaved a sigh: “Lately, Babidi has again become active.

Don’t know what he is plotting again.

This time even Demon Realm seems to be involved.

We have to keep a close eye.

We must not let Babidi’s conspiracy succeed!”

“Yes, Lord Supreme Kai!” Kibito respectfully said.

After that, East Supreme Kai looked worriedly at the mortal world.

If Babidi were to release Majin Buu, the universe would be finished.

East Supreme Kai couldn’t help but shudder when he remembered Majin Buu’s tyrannical and cruel appearance.

Before Sacred World of the Kai had five Grand Supreme Kai’s, but now only he has remained.

Majin Buu is like a nightmare, haunting his dreams, lingering in his heart.

East Supreme Kai was truly terrified of Majin Buu.

It could be said that East Supreme Kai is still too young; he could only be considered as a youngster among Supreme Kai’s and was not completely aware of the secrets of the universe.

Therefore, he does not know the existence of God of Destruction Beerus, otherwise, he would have even more worries.


Saiyan headquarters, Planet Hongshan.

It has been a year since Xiaya and others left for Planet Yardrat.

Not long ago, the majority of the Feidaya people finally arrived at the Planet Hongshan’s binary system after a long journey of more than two years.

Then, under the arrangement of Feidaya person Eroh, Duokela led the large group of the Feidaya people to land at a not-far-away place on Planet Meishan.

As soon as they descended, the massive spaceship neatly lined with countless cannons caused panic among the aboriginal humans on Planet Meishan.

The human civilization on Planet Meishan was about the same as Xiaya’s past life earth, but its population was small.

It was a relatively weak civilization.

Seeing Feidaya people’s spaceship descend, they thought that the alien civilization would attack them.

For a time, the whole planet fell into extreme panic, and all kinds of doomsday rumors spread like wildfire.

Planet Meishan’s kingdom became noisy because of the aliens.

While they were quarreling, Feidaya people found an uninhabited primitive continent on the ocean to reside.

Slowly, the human race’s emotions calmed down, and finally through contact between the Feidaya people and Planet Meishan humans, Planet Meishan humans knew that the other party did not come to invade their race, so the two races began preliminary interaction and after finding that Feidaya people were not an evil race, the exchanges between the two sides became more often.


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