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Chapter 106 Training and Reviewing

Translator- DM

Within the universe, in a huge and ordinary galaxy.

After some time, Xiaya’s silhouette appeared on a planet.

As soon as he fell to the ground, a huge gravitational force acted on his body, causing him to gasp for breath.Unexpectedly, this planet has around 100 times the gravity of earth! Thinking of the critical situation from before, Xiaya’s forehead perspired with sweat.


When space-time had shattered, he had also suffered a fierce attack from Cooler which caused his internal organs to all disintegrate, the intense pain almost causing him to faint and die.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Xiaya took out senzu beans while struggling and put them into his mouth.

Then, under senzu beans treatment, his body’s injuries were completely healed.

At that time, however, Xiaya was deeply buried in the ground.

After knowing that there was a huge disparity between him and Cooler, Xiaya’s interest had diminished.

So decisively, he hid his aura and used Instant Transmission to leave Planet Picchu.

“Cooler has 150 million Battle Power in the Normal State.

And there was also a rumor that he has a fourth body-transformation.

I am afraid that only by transforming into Super Saiyan, I could fight with him!”

Xiaya was fully aware that he still does not have the strength to fight against him, hence he quelled the bitterness in his heart.

However, although he had not achieved the slightest advantage in his first battle with Cooler, it gave him a rare experience.

“This time, I was really quite impulsive!”

With a slight sigh, Xiaya stopped his musings and began to carefully examine and analyze his impulsive behavior.

Honestly, if it was not because Cooler had a playful attitude and did not exert his full strength, it still isn’t certain if he would have been able to escape.

That ‘meet force with force’ confrontation when strength disparity was large is just like playing with fire! It also highlights the limitations of superpowers, giving Xiaya slap on the face for overly relying on space-time ability.

“It seems that space-time ability can only act as reinforcement while fighting.

To some extent, it is still not reliable to be used as a finishing move.

Its just like gambling, and he had almost lost thoroughly this time!”

Thinking of the danger from before, Xiaya’s forehead couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat.

“But Frost Demon race is truly too much formidable.

Fortunately, this kind of race does not have a lot of members.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough territories for them to occupy.” Apparently, there is a law of balance in the depths of the universe.

The more powerful a race is the sparse their numbers are.

In the original book, the existences stronger than the Frost Demon race weren’t born naturally except the God of Destruction.

Androids, Majin Buu, and Hirudegarn; every one of them more or less have the traces of being artificially created.

No wonder that the Frost Demon race has always claimed themselves to be the strongest race in the universe.

This title seems to be true.

Since he had already eaten senzu beans, the gentle vitality was flowing throughout his whole body and in an instant, his physical strength recovered.

Yet, although senzu beans have healed his physical injuries, the sequelae of his ability being broken is however not so easy to heal.

With a rough estimate, it might take several months to heal his spirit.

“For now, I should calm down and properly summarize!” A pondering look appeared on his face.

He should summarize what he had learned in the past more than ten years and comprehend the path to become strong which belongs to him.

Ka-cha, Xiaya exercised his body a little, and his bones slightly trembled.

A series of crisp “crackling” sounds like beans being fried suddenly appeared.

Moving the Ki in his body, Xiaya amazingly discovered that the Ki within his body was boundless like a surging river.

Unknowingly, the energy within him has increased.

He used “Spirit Eye” to check his body and the data revealed made him ecstatic.

Xiaya: 13 years old, Battle Power 240000!

240,000 Battle Power, it has suddenly increased by 80,000! Xiaya was somewhat in disbelief.

After accumulation in the past years, and experiencing the fight with Cooler, a part of the potential within his body has been released.

Although it couldn’t compare with Son Goku’s injury sustained on Planet Namek where it suddenly soared from 90,000 Battle Power to 3 million, Xiaya was still perfectly satisfied.

Son Goku’s skyrocketing manner always has an impression of cheating, which seems very unnatural.

Or could it be that… Son Goku hadn’t unearthed his accumulated potential for a long time before, and it suddenly erupted

“First, I must become familiar with controlling this new strength.

And should also treat the injuries suffered to my spirit!” Xiaya carefully contemplates.

He has always believed that foundation is very important.

He wants to be able to utilize every little bit of energy within his body efficiently so it could become the cornerstone for his future growth.

So in the following days, Xiaya was doing various training exercises on this medium planet.




Everday, Xiaya was doing routine exercises on this planet which have powerful gravity.

After 20,000 continuous jumps, he stopped, wiped away the sweat on his face, and with an unswerving determined expression in his eyes, started running.

Carrying a heavy load on his back, Xiaya kept running until his footsteps became unsteady, and intense pain appeared on thighs while fatigue and a sore feeling continuously attacked his body.

“Plop”, his body fell to the ground and slept from exhaustion.

Few hours later, Xiaya woke up and again began to do slightly simpler, moderate-intensity training.

In this way, round after round and little by little, he refined his body’s energy.

Five months later.

In a vast expanse of jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, the blazing sun shone down from the sky and there was a kind of scorching pain.


Near a vast stone forest, several energy waves shot out, sparkling with blue light.

After shooting out energy waves, Xiaya immediately used teleportation and appeared in front of the energy wave while taking a stance to stop it.


A massive explosion occurred from energy wave’s collision with the body and after smoke had dispersed, Xiaya stood there without any damage.

He then patted his body to dust the debris of explosion.

A bright light flashed in his eyes and his body erupted out with energy.


Undulating waves appeared in the vast expanse of land and dark fissures appeared on the hard ground.

“Ha!” Xiaya once again exerted and the Ki within his body gushed out with earth-shaking momentum.

Both of his hands were placed at his chest and his fingers were spread out as a huge energy ball took shape.

The energy ball was glowing with a bright and scorching light.

At this moment, Xiaya has turned into a dazzling star.

And the debris on the ground slowly extricated from the gravity and floated around him.


Taking Xiaya’s body as the center, a Ki field spread out to his surroundings, a large amount of Ki condensed together and like a roaring divine dragon ruthlessly engulfed everything around him.

The highly-pure energy produced a very high temperature, instantly melting the rock stratum of the planet’s surface.

A powerful shock wave passed through the uneven ground and the friction produced harsh grating sounds.

Rumble! Rumble! !

A huge mushroom cloud blotting out sky and earth appeared, rising high into the air for a kilometer.

The surrounding calm atmosphere trembled.

The tyrannical energy gradually subsided.

And besides Xiaya, one-kilometer square and more than fifty meters deep giant crater appeared.

Inside the giant crater, there was magma flowing while light greenish blue smoke was floating above.

In the surroundings of the giant crater, a circular-shaped destructive zone stretching about tens of kilometers appeared.

Looking at the ground destroyed by his Ki, Xiaya revealed a slight smile on his face.

“I have finally completely mastered the energy within my body.

If I attack with my full strength, it should be easy to destroy this huge planet!”

Xiaya slightly muttered to himself.

Now, he was very clear about his strength.

In this five-month period, apart from mastering his strength and building a solid foundation, he had also somewhat succeeded in healing his spirit and willpower, and the injuries caused by his previous ability backlash have already healed.

Moreover, he feels that his space-time ability has also made a new breakthrough in the field of Instant Transmission.

Using teleportation has become even easier, and from the result, he could see that it seemingly has reached the level of Supreme Kai’s instant transmission.


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