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“I absolutely can’t act recklessly!” Xiaya inwardly warned himself.

Normally, Frieza stays in Normal State where his Battle Power is 530,000 because he isn’t able to properly control the energy within his body.

However, Cooler always keep his appearance similar to Frieza’s final form.

So it is obvious that Cooler’s strength is more frightening than Frieza’s.

At least for now, Frieza wasn’t comparable to his older brother Cooler at all.

It is partly due to the fact that Cooler is older than Frieza.

From Cooler’s final form, he can tell that Cooler is much more mature than Frieza, who can only be considered as a youngster in Frost Demon Race.

Therefore, Xiaya felt even more afraid of Cooler.

Because he knows that there is a world of difference between his and Cooler’s strength.

Perhaps, even if I unleash my ability at full strength, I would have a problem in handling him and wouldn’t last long!


Looking at the person standing not far from him, Cooler’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise before a cruel smile condensed at the corners of his mouth.

Then, he turned towards Aiolos and said: “Check out that little guy’s Battle Power!”

Complying, Aiolos indicated that he will have the subordinate beside him check using the large-scale detector.

Since the ordinary glass monocle energy detector was not effective.

“Beep Beep Beep” After the beep sound, the result quickly appeared on the detector.

Looking at the data, Aiolos’ light golden eyes abruptly constricted and he said with disbelief: “Impossible, how can this guy’s Battle Power has reached 161,000!”

It was not surprising that Aiolos lost control of himself like this since Xiaya’s 160,000 Battle Power was too much astounding and which was even higher than his and the former members of the Armored Squadron.

“Oh, So is it possible that Salza and others were killed by him”

Speaking softly, Cooler stroked his chin as a tinge of light flickered in his eyes.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Suddenly, with his purple tail swishing against the ground Cooler exposed a smile before an icy aura press down towards Xiaya.

“Hehe, you really have astonishing strength.

Was this King’s Armored Squadron destroyed by you” Cooler squinted his eyes and asked in a relaxed tone.

“Yes, Armored Squadron’s people were killed by me.” Xiaya directly admitted, his heart already extremely vigilant.


The tail behind him thwacked on the ground immediately crushing the solid rock.

Seeing this, Aiolos on the side sneered and inwardly thought; King Cooler is definitely very angry! Hrumph! This human is courting death, he really doesn’t know what’s good for him, actually angering King Cooler.

“Hehe, honestly, I couldn’t help but want to recruit you.

How about it As a compensation for destroying this king’s Armored Squadron, you can become this king subordinate.” Simultaneously with an icy and deep sound, a strong feeling of oppression rushed over.

Xiaya, who was at the center of the vortex, knitted his eyebrows and couldn’t help but sway.

The ground under his feet violently trembled.

He couldn’t help but gasp with astonishment in his heart as he got a much clear understanding of Cooler’s strength!

Cooler was slightly surprised seeing that Xiaya could endure his aura’s oppression.

But the nearby aliens were, however, suffering a calamity.

Although they were only under the remnant might of Cooler’s imposing aura, it was as if they have been pounded ruthlessly in the stomach by a heavy hammer, they were having difficulty in breathing while their brains were in chaos.

“Forcing others to become your subordinate.

This method is not very bright.” Xiaya shook his head, his attitude clearly showing rejection.


Few seconds later, Cooler licked his lips and said with regret: “Fine, you have made this King angry.

Even if you are formidable, this King has made up his mind to destroy you!”

A bloodthirsty murderous intention appeared causing people to feel apprehensive.

“In the end, we still have to fight…”

Xiaya lightly sighed but as things have reached this stage, speaking too much was useless.

Xiaya became completely serious.

Facing the unimaginably strong Cooler, he dared not to be complacent.

The space ability is ready, as long as he can seize the opportunity to find an unobstructed space which is no longer freezed, he would immediately escape.

At the same time, his time ability has also gathered enough energy and was waiting to facilitate the former!


A divine glow suddenly appears in the darkness.

Xiaya’s mood fluctuates and was the first one to launch the attack.

His body disappeared like a ghost.

He unleashed all of his power and directly attacked Cooler without raising any unnecessary defense.

Cooler snorted, his eyeballs slightly turned and continuously examined the surroundings to catch Xiaya’s figure.

Everything in the surroundings from grass to trees was in his eyes.


Under the time ability, Xiaya suddenly appeared before Cooler and punched him in the stomach with tremendous force.

But at the instance of the attack, a solid claw had firmly grasped his wrist.

Immediately, Xiaya’s heart constricted.

His first attack has failed, so he immediately urged his strength to prepare to get away.

However, he was already one step late.

Coldly snorting, a huge power gushed out of Cooler’s claws, flinging away Xiaya.

Suddenly, he quickly became a black dot in the sky like a cannonball shooting out.


Xiaya’s heart moved and tried to stop his body.

However, Cooler’s strength was so great that he could not stop for a while.

Without being able to do anything, Xiaya suddenly launched his ability and the surrounding space immediately froze.

Just like a large net quickly opened up and caught his body, the swiftly shooting body slowed down.

“Shua!” Xiaya stabilized his body and then carefully observed around, his entire body and mind alert while his eyes moved up and down, left and right.

Suddenly, a bloody aura approached him.

He turned around vigilantly and found that Cooler had unknowingly appeared behind him.

“Oh, brat, your skills are not bad.

It really makes this king take a liking towards you, I will give you another chance, are you willing to join this king’s troop and become my subordinate!” Cooler once again throw out an olive branch.


Yet, what answered him was still the calm eyes.

After a moment’s silence, Cooler felt as if he has lost face.

His face turned gloomy, while his scarlet eyes became more sinister, and the icy-cruel aura became more intense.

“Good, good, good, This king doesn’t like people like you who are unyielding, I should eliminate you as soon as possible!”

Everything turned still after his voice had fallen.

An icy wind blew.

The sky suddenly changed color, and the clouds vanished completely.

The dark atmosphere was full of an oppressive sensation.

Below, all the aliens who had accompanied Cooler were trembling with fear.

Aiolos raised his head, his mouth curling into a sneer.

Finally, this stupid kid had made King Cooler angry.

But it’s for the best, he doesn’t want to another follower besides King Cooler.

Especially as the other person was very young.

A breeze blows, rolling up the sand, and the dead twigs and withered leaves carefreely danced in the wind.

Suddenly, the gently swaying breeze turned into a windstorm, the silent battlefield looked like the end of the world, and has shrouded people with fear making their hair stand on ends.

Xiaya and Cooler acted at the same time.

With the help of time ability, Xiaya’s body energetically moved and immediately launched a fierce attack on his opponent.

For a moment, the sound of punching and kicking was incessant, and the two vague silhouettes continuously fluttered and fiercely attacked.

Although Xiaya’s strength wasn’t much compared to Cooler’s, such that he wasn’t even at his level while his speed was also far from being able to keep up with Cooler’s rhythm.

However, like they say “In the world of martial arts, speed defines the winner!” Speed is a must in a fight! In every brief interaction during the fight, Xiaya had slightly used his time ability, but despite that, he was at a disadvantage.

While Cooler still looked calm and his breathing didn’t even have any changes.

“…” At this time, Aiolos, who was watching the fight from afar, was completely numb, or maybe he was in shock and hadn’t reacted from the start of the fight! Cooler’s strength was of no surprise to him, but he didn’t think that the guy in front of him who has sprung out from god knows where, actually had such a fast speed, and he could even tangle with Cooler for several moves!

It caused him to be startled and fearful, but fortunately … King Cooler’s skills are even better!

“The disparity is simply too large.”

Pained surged in his throat, and with his strength draining away, Xiaya realized that Cooler was still playing the game of cat and mice with him.

He hasn’t taken it seriously at all while only using a little of his strength.

On the other hand, he had already used his full-strength.

His heart couldn’t help but sink: ” Are the so-called strong people all arrogant and disdainful Zarbon was such, now Cooler is too…”


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