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“Do you think you can scare me by bringing out Cooler’s name Dream on!” Aliens imagined scenario didn’t appear.

When they heard this words, they realized that even King Cooler’s name couldn’t deter him.

Their hearts suddenly shuddered as an inexplicable fear appeared.

Xiaya slowly stepped forward, then his body suddenly disappeared without warning.

Upon seeing this, the aliens nerves further tensed.

The several dozen people huddled together and vigilantly looked around everywhere.


Suddenly, a smooth blade as thin as cicada’s wing condensed from Ki appeared above, and then from top to bottom, a bright arc is drawn.

Puchi, the giant blade containing an enormous strength of thousand catties came down from the sky.

 Startled, the aliens swiftly ran away in all directions.

Rumble, the large knife directly pierced through the ground, leaving a long enormous split! At this time, the alien’s face that had luckily escaped the disaster couldn’t help but sweat cold bullets, and were inwardly glad that they were fortunate enough to escape quickly!

“You think you can escape”

Immediately following a voice as if it was the summons of a god of death, a cold gleam appeared.

Xiaya’s body flashed, and attacks which were like a continuous stream came from all directions.

Peng Peng peng! Numerous fists brimming with coarse and wild strength hit the flesh on bodies.

As if raging wind sweeping out, the tyrannical strength slammed into the ground, instantly causing the earth to shake, and one by one mountain range collapsed.

Aliens, who were hit by Xiaya’s fists, couldn’t react before their bodies were shattered by powerful Ki, viscous liquid suddenly splashing out on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, there were only 4-5 aliens left from the dozen or so.

Right now, Xiaya wasn’t using his usual energy and ability attacks, instead has adopted the use of most basic physical strength.

This feeling of heartily brandishing his fists was making his blood boil, Saiyan’s violent nature seemed to have awakened at this moment.

“So…strong!” The several figures scattered in disorder, and in the blink of an eye flew far away.

These four or five luckily surviving aliens were the most outstanding of the group.

And their strength was naturally the best within the third regiment.

But at the moment, seeing the incomparably cruel scene before them, they were however extremely terrified.

Even if they had been proud and overbearing, and often used disdainful eyes to scorn the weaklings, but after seeing Xiaya’s violent and forceful attacks, they were beginning to feel apprehensive in their strong hearts.

“Don’t worry, King Cooler is coming over.

Everyone must hold on till then!” One of the alien who was in the lead spoke to others.

“But that guy is extremely strong.

We can’t resist him!” The alien, standing beside him said while puckering his eyebrows.

“Damn it! where did this guy drill out from, he is even stronger than Sir Salza!” Another Alien spoke in a trembling voice, he has already lost his usual calm.

Their complexion was somewhat pale and they could all see the panic in each other’s eyes.

“Damn it, we will fight it out with him!” Grinding his teeth, the alien, who had been silent all along shouted angrily.

However, his voice had just fallen when a pair of dark icy eyes suddenly appeared before him.

He saw Xiaya fingers casually drawing a straight line in the air.

Swish! Without any time to react, a head flew high, whose eyes still had a trace of astonishment and disbelief, and then his consciousness gradually turned fuzzy before quickly dying.

“Not good! Everyone quickly run away!”

The sudden and unexpected misfortune scared the crap out of those aliens.

Afterward, they calmed down and scattered in all directions to escape.

“Heh, today none of you can escape alive!”

Xiaya’s face was calm as he looked at those aliens who were trying to escape, and then he again accelerated.

His figure instantly turned into a stream of light, chasing those aliens.

At Xiaya’s level, killing these aliens with just a several 20,000 battle power is simply as easy as winking.

In several breaths time, the several bodies up high in the sky suddenly stopped, and then dropped straight down.

They had lost all signs of life before reaching the ground.

“From now on, Cooler’s third regiment has been removed from the universe!”

An icy voice resounded in the air.

Xiaya’s emotions were surging.

Not long ago, he had to rely on luck and many coincidences to battle with Zarbon, but now killing aliens of the same level as Zarbon, he can do with just a thought and doesn’t even need to use his full strength.

Unconsciously, he has already become so powerful.

But it is still not enough.

He was very clear in his heart that his little bit of strength, although enough to swagger around in front of ordinary aliens, was still far from powerful enough! People like Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, can casually cause heaven to fall and earth to crack by just stamp of their feet while he is still far from being compared to them.

They are like a huge mountain wall lying across in his road to growth; towering, majestic and domineering! Can only look from far away, and not touch.

This is the so-called, “The high hill is looked up to; the great road is easy to be traveled on”, “Although unable to reach, Yet the heart yearns.” There will come a day that he will also reach their heights and even go above, leaving them far behind.

Suddenly at this time, an energy came down from the distant outer space, suffocating him!

Startled, Xiaya raised his head to look up at the sky, his eyes flashing with a wisp of light, “Such a formidable oppressive feeling.

This energy… did Cooler himself has come”

Speaking softly, he raised his head while his body involuntarily trembled.

Cooler’s aura brought him infinite oppressive feeling, but at this moment, the blood in his veins was instead quickly flowing, bringing him a feeling of excitement.

With his current strength, directly confronting Cooler is extremely irrational.

He knows that his strength is not sufficient to deal with Cooler.

And, even whether he can survive is still unknown.

He should use Instant Transmission to leave before Cooler arrives.

But his Saiyan bloodline was making his blood boil!

“It is indeed terrifying, but it’s making me excited ah!” Xiaya bared his teeth and heroically laughed while intently looking at the sky, but after thinking, he has decided to leave.

It is still not the right time to meet Cooler!

Just as he was about to leave, a strong pressure suddenly enveloped Xiaya.

It felt like… as if falling into a deep bottomless icy cavern.

It seems Cooler has noticed my existence.

Stunned, Xiaya realized that space was in disorder under this huge pressure, interfering with his Instant Transmission!

Not good, Xiaya thought.

After the air trembled, he saw a black shadow suddenly appear ripping through the clouds, and slowly descended.

It was a huge spaceship, having a vivid contrast to Frost Demon race style! He saw the huge shadow of the spaceship descending on the rugged land before a solid alloy tentacle plunged into the ground as if it was a soft tofu, after which the disk-shaped spaceship quickly stabilized.

After a short while, the spaceship’s door slowly opened, and aliens wearing a standard Battle Armor marched out and cleared the obstacles in the way.

And in the middle, a purple figure slowly walked down, his mouth curled up while scarlet pupils like purgatory’s blood pool exuding a cold dazzling light.

“That is Cooler!” No one can imitate Cooler.

Seeing that person who has an air of superiority, Xiaya could recognize that he was Cooler with a single glance!

In the distance, Xiaya’s body involuntarily began to tremble as his pair of black eyes was firmly locked on to Cooler.

Similarly, he also noticed Cooler looking at him with an intense expression, but his eyes were even more filled with cruelty and haughtiness as he looked at Xiaya’s trembling with contempt.

Cooler’s body was mainly purple in color while his head, shoulders, and limbs were covered with white sandstone armor, with a purple tail behind him.

His entire body’s appearance was very similar to Frieza’s final form.

Only compared to the petite final form of Frieza, Cooler’s appears more masculine.

“Normally, they maintain the appearance similar to Frieza’s final form.

Cooler’s strength exceeds Frieza by more than one or two points.

Perhaps the rumor of fourth body transformation that even Frieza never had is also true!”

Cooler’s eyes are deep and frightening.

His scarlet eyes looked like devils coming from an abyss.

The earth-shattering, wantonly overflowing energy in the surrounding was attacking Xiaya’s nerves a little, and a voice in his head was continuously echoing, urging him to quickly escape.

Xiaya expression was grave and stern.

His dark pupils glowed with multicolored lights before he discreetly aimed “Spirit Eye” at Cooler.

Cooler: 724 years old, Battle Power 150 million!

150 million, a shocking data surfaced before his eyes.

Xiaya could not help but deeply suck in a cold breath.

“Indeed, he deserves to be known as the most outstanding genius of the Frost Demon race.

His strength is unfathomable! Just the Battle Power exposed is 150 million, which is even more formidable than Frieza in his ultimate form’s.

His real strength…”

He was startled as this was still Cooler’s Battle Power in his Normal State.

If the fourth body transformation in the rumors is true, then this Cooler is simply too formidable.

Xiaya’s heart trembled.

He subconsciously wants to leave from here, but now he was firmly locked on by Cooler’s gaze so he did not dare to act rashly at all.

Chapter 103 Cooler Arrives


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