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Chapter 102 Cooler’s Forces

Translator- DM

After he made the decision, Xiaya felt relieved.

After that, as he expects Xiling and others to train for a while, he thought for a moment and used Instant Transmission, leaving Planet Yardrat.

Just as Xiaya left, the Yardratian, who was living on the towering stone pillar, opened his eyes and calmly looked at the direction of Xiaya’s departure, and then once again closed his eyes as if an old monk sitting in meditation; surroundings once again sinking into silence.


The serene universe was vast and boundless, and the multitudes of stars were shining like gemstones adorning the seemingly serene outer space.

In the northern part of the North Area, brand new disc-shaped spaceships orderly arranged in rows were traveling through space at high speed.

This is the Green D-23 Starfield which is under the control of Cooler Forces.

It is located at the junction of the northern region and eastern region of the North Area and is only a short distance from the green planet where Armored Squadron was destroyed.

At this time, at the center of the fleet, in a luxurious spaceship which was huge, Cooler with a face like cold frost was sitting on the main seat of the central control room.

Below, dozens or so different kinds of aliens were sitting upright and meticulously staring at the monitor while King Cooler was doing mission briefing.

“Aiolos, have you found the murderer who killed Salza and others yet” Suddenly, Cooler’s extremely icy voice appeared before temperature inside the entire central control room plummeted to the freezing point.

That alien, called Aiolos, didn’t seem to care about the chilling atmosphere around him.

His face was calm as he smiled and gracefully bowed towards Cooler before saying: “King Cooler, this subordinate has already arranged for people to investigate but no suspicious people have been found yet.”

Belonging to Cooler’s Special Corps, this Aiolos appears refined and courteous like a gentleman, but in reality, he was a devil who kills people without blinking an eye.

In the past, he had competed with Salza for the position of the captain of Armored Squadron.

Now that Salza has died, he naturally became the captain of the new Armored Squadron.

This new Armored Squadron is still a three-man squad, because Cooler follows the elite system, and only chooses elite experts.

Those squads that rely on numbers to win, Cooler disdains to make them.


After listening to Aiolos, Cooler nodded.

” Since that mysterious person can defeat Salza and others, their strength is certainly not low.

However, to not even give Salza enough time to transmit news.

Such a strong expert … I am afraid this king would have to personally take action!”

Cooler licked his purple lips before a sneer formed at the corner of his mouth.

His blood-red pupils were gazing into the distance as he spoke in an icy voice: “I don’t care who the other person is.

Those who offend I, Cooler can never survive.”

“That person is simply courting death, but in the North Area, there aren’t many such strong experts!” Leisurely speaking, Aiolos seemed lost in thought.

“Hehe, except for this King’s father King Cold and my useless younger brother Frieza, the only one this king would give another glance is that Slug.

However, with Slug’s shrewdness, he should have realized that Salza is this king’s person…”

“For a long time, everyone has minded their own business and lived together in harmony.

So, he wouldn’t have such courage!” Cooler shook his head as he had a favorable impression of that ambitious and ruthless person who occupies a territory.

But, in the end, despite having a favorable impression, he is the tallest person among short people*, there is no way Cooler would take that Slug seriously.

[*Strongest among weaklings.]

As the strongest expert of the Frost Demon race, Cooler’s strength is even more frightening than Frieza’s.

They claim themselves be members of the strongest race of the universe, so they are indeed very confident.

Their members are icebound throughout their lifetime.

The longer the seal is, the more powerful they are.

All in all, they are an exceedingly-rare Fighting Race in the universe.

No matter whether it is talent or potential, both are very high.

Compared to them, Saiyans who were self-proclaimed as a Fighting Race was not even worth mentioning.

The gulf between them is huge just as far apart as clouds and mud.

Every person mentioned by Cooler is an overlord level character in the universe.

Aiolos expression was apprehensive as he was flaunting himself as a strong expert before King Cooler when he was also very weak, therefore he became obsequious.

His eyes wandered around as he wiped the smile off his face and said: “Since the other side can get rid of our people one after another, perhaps they have some special capabilities!”

“Hehe, perhaps!”

Cooler casually answered, his heart, however, was thinking about Tree of Might’s Fruit.

Salza and others death did not make him sad.

He was just worried whether the information of Tree of Might’s Fruit was leaked or not.

If so, then Salza really deserves death.

At this time, an alien ran over in panic and came to the center of the hall before it tremblingly fell down on the ground and said: “King Cooler, the third regiment encountered a strong enemy on Planet Picchu and has almost been destroyed…”

“Oh Third regiment, that is this king’s ace troop.

It’s unexpected that they would encounter a strong enemy!” Cooler’s voice was indifferent, but all the aliens, who were well acquainted with king’s temperament knew that King Cooler was very angry at this time.

So everyone kept their silence, and didn’t dare to stand out.

The more calm King Cooler is, the more stormy it would be afterwards!

Aiolos revealed a sneer before stepping forward: “Your Majesty, the Battle Power of the third regiment’s several captains is more than ten thousand.

Can almost destroy the third regiment means that the other person is very strong.

Perhaps it has some connection with Selza’s death.”

Cooler laughed out loud and said: “Hahaha, this King think so too!”

“Give the order, immediately depart to Planet Picchu.

This king will completely eliminate those ants!”


Planet Picchu, Xiaya calmly looked at the dozen long-haired aliens in front of him.

After leaving Planet Yardrat with Instant Transmission, Xiaya wandered around in the universe via teleportation and quickly became more flexible in using Instant Transmission.

Before, to teleport, he needed fixed coordinates between the two planets, and it also consumed lot of energy.

Whereas, Planet Yardrat’s Instant Transmission needed to fix on the aura of the target.

Now that the two are combined, Xiaya feels like a ‘Fish swimming in the vast sea as freely as birds fly in boundless sky’*.

Now there is nothing which can obstruct him.

[* A quote from Wu ChengEn’s, The Journey to the West]

After teleporting around from one planet to another, Xiaya entered Planet Picchu’s sphere of influence.

It was not until he entered that he discovered that Planet Picchu was under Cooler’s control and was garrisoned with the so-called Cooler’s Third Regiment Corps.

Thinking of the dark red sin on him, Xiaya felt that it was necessary to clear it up and gather some good deeds.

So he chose this third regiment to attack and, don’t say, when he killed a few aliens from the third regiment, he found that his sins really reduced by a small amount.

Although sin and good deeds cannot cancel out each other equivalently, doing more “good deeds”, is always something which can make people feel extraordinarily comfortable!

His eyes were shining as if he had suddenly found a treasure.

Those aliens who were still alive, in his eyes, seemed to have become walking treasure chests.

“Your sins are very serious, let your death make a contribution!”

Thus, Xiaya quickly began to take action, and the sins above his head began to diminish at a rate visible to the naked eye.

After killing several aliens who were apparently leaders, Xiaya’s sins begun to decrease.

“Hehe, you have more than a dozens left, come and obediently receive your death!” Looking at those ugly aliens, Xiaya voice was indifferent.

The aliens stepped back and shrieked loudly, putting up a brave front: “Who the hell are you We’re the Corps working under King Cooler.

For attacking us, King Cooler won’t let you off!”

Hearing Cooler’s name, Xiaya froze for a moment before revealing a resplendent smile! Every one of these aliens has Battle Power more than ten thousand, but at this time however, they could only bring out Cooler’s name to embolden themselves.

It is simply pitiful!


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