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Chapter 101 Spirit Eye secret skill

Translator- DM


In the underground palace of Planet Yardrat.

Xiaya and others were still learning the secret skill.

Since he could make the comparison with his space ability, Xiaya’s progress in learning Instant Transmission was the fastest.

In just four months, Xiaya completely mastered the Instant Transmission secret skill.

And, next step was to fuse Instant Transmission secret skill and Instant Transmission ability to create a completely New-Instant Transmission.

It was a detailed and complicated process which took Xiaya two months.

Six months later since they came to Planet Yardrat, Xiaya perfectly fused the two kinds of abilities.

The fused Instant Transmission, whether it was level of difficulty when using or its effect, was even better than the original.

Even when compared with Kibito’s Instant Transmission, it could come very close.

After completing the fusion of Instant Transmission, Xiaya had an intuitive feeling that if he wants, he can easily reach anywhere in the universe with just a single leap and there doesn’t exist any limit in it.

From now on, to him the scale of space is like a piece of paper that could be bent at any time.

He only needs to get the target location’s coordinates, such as where or how far away, and next second he can easily reach it!

In this process, there was no need for him go through multiple teleports like space ability which consumes lot of energy and also has no need to concentrate on Ki at the other end like the Instant Transmission secret skill.

He only has to establish an endpoint in advance like a signal buoy which could help him to freely shuttle through space.


As he felt his body shift, his whole body turned into multicolored lights before again appearing on the other side of Planet Yardrat.

It was the sea level which was surging forward with great momentum.

“Hahaha, sure enough, it does not consume energy at all!”

With a hearty laughter resounding in the sky, Xiaya smiled with joy as he looked at the picturesque scenery of vast sea and sky in front of him.

As expected, his new-Instant Transmission has perfectly fused the properties of the ability and secret skill and has become even quicker as well as practical.

Then, with a thought, Xiaya again quickly disappeared from the sea level.

After returning to the underground palace, Xiaya saw that Xiling, Bardock, and Myers were still training.

Thus, he began to check out the other relief patterns around the underground palace with full of interest.

These patterns were complex and abstract.

Except for recording many secret skills created by Yardratian, the images also show Yardratian’s growth process from a weak to strong civilization, from ancient times to the present.

Slash and burn agriculture, hunting pattern pot scenes and also scenes of time when Yardratian’s evolved from their primitive form.

[*Primitive Farming Technique]

Suddenly, Xiaya stopped in front of a huge relief and looked at it.

“This should be the picture of Yardratian’s leaving the Dark Age*, but this picture…” The patterns on the mural carvings looked familiar to him, and when he carefully looked, he could see a lifelike picture of the serpentine, golden Shenron soaring high into the sky.

Its surface had a layer of raging and burning gaseous flames; it has a kind of imposing, primitive simplicity, and profound meaning.

[*When referring to a period in the history of a society as a dark age, it means a period which is characterized by lack of knowledge and progress.]

“It seems… Yardratians evolution has some connection with golden Shenron!”

Xiaya inwardly pondered, and suddenly remembered…… that the several major races in Dragon Ball World were all very mysterious!

Namekians who can create dragon balls, Yardratian who have magical secret skills, and the Metamorans who use magical martial arts.

In the original book, there were many magical races described, but they were still only in the tiny Milky Way Galaxy.

How many Galaxy’s there are in the universe There are still many other places waiting for him to explore.

Naturally, he can’t bring his previous life universe’s image here, but it does not prevent him from realizing the vastness of the universe.

Lightly smiling, Xiaya continued to scan through all the reliefs and secret skills.

However, what he found regretful was that he was not able to find the secret skill to improve Saiyan’s constitution.

Saiyans can’t survive in the vacuum environment of space which is a huge restriction.

After all, Saiyans still belong to a category of human race and are different from the cosmic beings who have special physiques.

As he did not find a secret skill that could allow Saiyans to survive in the vacuum, Xiaya sighed with regret before dropping it.

Requirements to change constitution were more severe than prolonging lifespan or even eternal life.

I’m afraid that even making a wish with dragon ball, either earth dragon ball or Planet Namek dragon ball, it cannot be accomplished!

Because this is the violation of basic laws of the universe.

It is like an ordinary person wishing to acquire the strength or constitution of Majin Buu, which is beyond the capability of Shenron.

Xiaya still remembers a description from the original work.

Although Earth Shenron’s power is amazing, it cannot exceed the upper limit of Kami.

Hence, dealing with Vegeta who had arrived on Earth in the beginning chapters was beyond its power; Porunga of Planet Namek’s ability is stronger than Earth’s Shenron, but to bring back ‘Son Goku in Super Saiyan form’ from the alien planet had required Son Goku’s consent.

From this, Xiaya can conclude that Shenron’s power may be miraculous, and almost omnipotent in some aspects.

But if it involves something whose power is above them, then they can do nothing about it.

Want to completely change the constitution, or even gain formidable strength, Earth’s Shenron and Planet Namek’s Porunga couldn’t do.

Maybe, only an even more powerful Shenron can!

Returning to the main point, since he has come to Planet Yardrat, he naturally wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity.

The Yardratian who had brought them here had stated that they cannot study more than two secret skills, but Xiaya feels that his spirit can still withstand a secret skill.

For safety reasons, however, Xiaya did not choose a fighting type secret skill, instead, he chose a minor one, an auxiliary secret skill.

This is a minor secret skill that can help maintain reasoning and gather information about opponents – “Spirit Eye”

This secret skill does not require even a little bit of Battle Power, and its usage requirements were also low.

Xiaya was able to learn it in just a few days.

Once the “Spirit Eye” was activated, a faint glow covered his eyes.

Xiaya used the secret skill at the nearby Xiling and Myers.

Immediately, a refreshing feeling welled up in his mind and Xiling and Myers’ age and ability floated up in his mind.

Xiling: 13 years old, Battle Power 144000!

Myers: 6 years old, Battle Power 3100!

“This ability is really convenient.

With this ability, hiding from him is impossible!”

A faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Xiaya recalled that when he and Xiling had first entered Hyperbolic Time Chamber, her age ought to have increased by one year, but the value that was just displayed haven’t 1 added to it.

Apparently, it is counted on the basis of Cosmic Time.

At this time, Xiaya noticed a red gaseous cloud above Xiling’s head.

 Sin: 15400!

Seeing that red gaseous cloud, Xiaya sucked in a deep breath before his pupils tightened.

Could this red cloud of sin be the standard for King of Hell to judge a soul Thinking of what Yardratian had said about going to hell and such, Xiaya’s face became solemn.

It seemed that he had to attach great importance to it.

In Dragon Ball World, people dying doesn’t mean that it is their end.

They still had to continue living in Underworld for a period of time.

On the other hand, he breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at Myers.

As this kid had never much gone out of Planet Vegeta, the red gaseous cloud above her head was very small and thin that it was almost invisible.

Her Sin being only 300 points.

Arriving at Bardock’s side, he used “Spirit Eye” to look at Bardock’s situation.

After seeing the data, Xiaya couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air.

Bardock: 32 years old, Battle Power 39200!

As for sin, it reached as high as 7,676,000!

7.676 million Sin!

How many planets had to be destroyed to achieve this Saiyans like Bardock were not few on Planet Hongshan! At this moment, Xiaya made up his mind.

After going back, he must properly reform Saiyans.

Otherwise, its confirmed that they will all go to hell after death.

“I have heard that Universe 6 Saiyans are employed by righteous forces and also rescue planets in dire straits.

Thus, after death, they all go to heaven! Compared to the Saiyans here, there is a too big of a contrast.”

Xiaya softly grumbled as he thought that it was necessary for him to implement some measures.

Isn’t Saiyan a Fighting Race Don’t they enjoy fighting Then, they should go and look for missions to do!

To be a leader is really demanding as he also has to take into account their ‘after death’ situation, Xiaya thought.

Is there still any leader who is better qualified than him


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