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Chapter 100 Frost Demon Race’s reactions

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While Xiaya and others were training in secret skills, in the northern region of North Area.

The planet that has been terraformed by science and technology, Cooler’s headquarters.

At this time, an alien, who looks like an adviser, stood in front of Cooler, and spoke hesitantly: “King Cooler, since Sir Salza and others went to the eastern region we haven’t received any news from them, and when we tried to contact them via communicator, there was no response.

Therefore, this subordinate had sent someone to Sir Salza and their last known planet’s location and found out…”

Speaking till here, that alien somewhat hesitated and secretly snuck a glance at Cooler’s expression.

His voice shuddered and did not dare to speak anymore.

“What did you found, speak honestly!” An indifferent and cold voice sounded.

Sitting on a huge metal throne, Cooler looked deeply at the alien.

That alien’s heart trembled with fear, and truthfully reported: “The signs on the planet indicate that a very fierce battle had taken place there, leaving behind a few unrecognizable corpses at the center of the battlefield.

They may be Sir Salza and others!” Speaking of this, the alien carefully swallowed as even he thought it to be unbelievable.

“You mean they all died there”

There was a flash of surprise in Cooler’s eyes, and then his face turned gloomy.

The tail behind him continued to slap on the ground, crushing the solid rock surface.

“Yes… yes!” the alien’s scalp was tingling as he stuttered while trembling.


With a cold snort, a powerful laser swiftly shot out.

Before that alien could react, his head was penetrated by the laser, and red-white liquid spilled all over the ground.

His eyes were still filled with disbelief.

“Trash! This king’s Armored Squadron would die in that sort of place.

Salza, you have really disappointed this King.”

Cooler’s face was suffused with dark clouds, and a cold light flashed in his blood red pupils.

With a ferocious expression, he looked at the other attendants beside him and asked: “Do you think someone from my father’s side might have attacked”

Trembling, the several other aliens prostrated on the ground and said: “Your Majesty, we and the eastern forces have been living together in harmony for so many years.

What’s more, King Cold is your father, this subordinate doesn’t think King Cold had attacked.

“Oh, it’s hard to say…” Cooler said faintly, a shiny glimmer flashing in his eyes.

This time, Salza and others mission was to find the fruit of spirit tree.

It was a rare treasure that could enhance strength.

For which, even King Cold could fall out with him and become hostile.

However, he also believes that it was not King Cold who had attacked.

There are only a handful of strong experts in the North Area who can beat his Cooler’s Armed Squadron.

The strongest squadron under King Cold may be one of them, but recently it hadn’t made any movements whatsoever.

As for Frieza’s Ginyu Force, it is not that he looks down on them.

It’s just that even if Ginyu Force makes a sneak attack, they will not be able to injure even a fraction of Salza and others.

“Who was the one to attack Is North Area still hiding some strong expert!”

Suddenly, Cooler’s heart palpitates.

He did not feel sad for Salza and their death because they were only a pawn in his hands.

As a strong expert, he wouldn’t care about life and death of these ants, at most, he would feel that it is a great pity he lost a few powerful subordinates, and feel it to be a loss to his face.

Besides that, it was of no importance.

What he was really worried about was that information regarding Tree of Might’s fruit might have leaked out, which would attract King Cold and Frieza’s attention.

And, it was not what he wants to see.

Leisurely looking at the alien’s prostrated on the ground, Cooler’s icy voice appeared: “Ready a spaceship for me.

This King will personally go to the planet where Salza was defeated.”

Waving his hand, Cooler again said: “Moreover, have Cooler Corps select the best people, this King wants to rebuild the special forces!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The aliens as if facing amnesty, bowed and stood up before withdrawing from the main hall while sweating buckets.

Above the huge throne, Cooler’s purple lips curled up, a sneer appearing on his ferocious face.


Eastern region.

When King Cold learned from his spies that Cooler’s Armored Squadron was completely annihilated, astonishment flashed through his face before he happily started drinking the red wine.

He doesn’t much care about that puny Armored Squadron, but he was still very happy as it could weaken Cooler’s strength, albeit a little bit.


Southern region, Frieza headquarters.

The news has also reached to Frieza’s ears.

Frieza’s petite body stood in front of the porthole as he looked at the icy and monotonous scenery outside, his ‘ho ho ho’ laughter softly reverberating.

“Dodoria, this is really a good news.

Cooler’s strongest troop was completely annihilated.

This time, he has lost too much face.” The demonic voice resounded but soon Frieza retracted his smile.

“But this North Area is really have hidden dragon and crouching tigers.

Where did so many experts were hiding”

“King Frieza, was that Armored Squadron very powerful”

Dodoria was puzzled.

Since he started following King Frieza, he has been always moving about in the southern region of the North Area and wasn’t much clear about the distribution of forces in the universe.

His experiences were even inferior to Bardock’s, and was only a frog at the bottom of the well.

Even Ginyu Force was more knowledgeable.

Frieza waved his hand, the tail behind him slapping on the ground as he said: “Armored Squadron is the strongest squad under my elder brother Cooler.

Each of its member was far stronger than Captain Ginyu.”

“Even better than Captain Ginyu! Then, wasn’t their Battle Power more than 100,000” Dodoria opened his mouth and deeply inhaled, his expression astonished.

A powerful expert with Battle Power above 100,000.

This, for him who only has 20,000 battle power, is simply an unimaginable strong expert.

Did King Frieza’s elder brother really had such strong experts under him Dodoria was suddenly full of awe towards the vast universe.

“Hehe, In what way were they powerful, weren’t they still annihilated!”

As if he suddenly thought of something,  Dodoria’s pink skin quivered and asked: “Your Majesty, what kind of expert do you think had attacked, could it be the same person who killed Zarbon”

“Um, was is the ancient warrior of the Feidaya people”

Dodoria’s words gave Frieza a wake-up call, his pupils suddenly contracted, before smiling cruelly: “It is really possible, it seems that we have to pay more attention.

Hey, why did Cooler sent Armored Squadron to the eastern region, it seems I will have to speak with father”

Frieza whispered.

Frieza was very close to his father, King Cold, as he was the youngest member of the Frost Demon race.

This time, he will have to share information with King Cold.

“Right, how is that Vegeta guy.

Did he notice the truth about Planet Vegeta’s destruction” Frieza shifted the topic and asked about Vegeta’s situation.

Dodoria grinned and said, “How could that brat found out the truth.

Right now, he is obediently carrying out Your Majesty’s orders with those two Saiyans”

“Ah, That’s good!”

After Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, only Vegeta whose latent talent was best was left behind, to observe Saiyans characteristics.

So far, the potential displayed by Vegeta wasn’t worth mentioning.

It also didn’t attract too much of Frieza’s interest and he was gradually beginning to forget.


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