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Xiling felt wide awake all of a sudden.

Seeing Xiaya’s whole body wounded and paralyzed while collapsed on a ground full of cracks, she cried out in alarm and came running.

“Brother, what happened to you who beat you up like this”

Xiling was feeling anxious.

She wanted to touch Xiaya’s body but was also worried about hurting him, both hands do not know what to do there.

“Hey, relax, I am fine.

Xiling, you help me back to the cave first.” Seeing her worried face, Xiaya felt warm in his heart, so using one hand he lightly patted her arm.

Xiling heard him speak and obediently nodded, and then carefully supported him to get up, and slowly moved towards their resident cave.

Returning to their previous resident valley, right now it had changed beyond recognition from the destruction.

Forest and Pool have disappeared.

The fallen rocks had smashed on the ground causing them to sink in, and cracks were spread out on the ground in all directions similar to Flood Dragons entwined in a circle while tearing at each other.

In front of the cave entrance, it was blockaded from collapsed pieces of rocks.

So having Xiling remove them, Xiaya entered and inspected the condition inside.

He rejoiced to discover that although there were some pieces of crushed rocks scattered inside, the place where spaceships were stored had no traces of collapse.

Inspecting the condition of both the sphere-shaped spaceships revealed that everything was functioning normally, which made Xiaya fully relaxed.

“Fortunately nothing has happened to spaceships; otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to leave here.

At that moment, he deeply understood that not having a spaceship could hold him back.

He couldn’t help but envy the original work’s Son Goku’s Instant Transmission ability1 in his heart.

If he can use Instant Transmission, then there will be no place that could restrict him in the future.

After all, Dragon Ball World is too big; the North Area of Milky Way which North Kai2 is in charge of is already so big, let alone there is still Milky Way System outside and even more other big galaxies.

If he only uses a spaceship as his means of transportation, then the time spend on the journey will mostly impede him.

“I now have a superpower which seems to be a type of Temporal ability.

Time and Space are more than often related to each other.

If I got my superpowers when I transmigrated then could I still have some kind of hidden Spatial ability in my body Well, I indeed need to research this next.

It will be good if I can have it.”

Xiaya watched the two sphere-shaped spaceships while letting his imagination run wild.

Before the battle, he had realized that he still hide many unknown secrets in his body.

Henceforth, this requires him to research.

Nevertheless, he has planned to must have this ability.

Even if in the end he cannot grasp Spatial ability, he intends to go to Yardrat to learn it in future.

“Xiling, you go and look for some hay and fruits, then I need to properly recuperate for some time.”

Xiling heard what he said and obediently prepared to find hay and fruits.

Finished doing all this, Xiaya supported himself by leaning against the cliff.

Xiling finally couldn’t help but ask: “Brother, what happened in the end Why did our living place become like this…, and also who beat you up like this”

On the way, she already had a bellyful of questions.

But because she was taking care of Xiaya, she hadn’t asked until now.

However, she finally couldn’t bear it.

She couldn’t understand why in one night’s time the dense wild forest was as if it has experienced violent attacks and random explosions.

Everything was destroyed and only left with an endless deteriorating scene.

At the end, who beat brother while severely wounding Does there is still some unknown expert hidden on Planet Selma

Regarding Xiling’s question, Xiaya could only force a smile and shook his head.

Everything was done by you, Xiaya mumbled in his heart.

Only he certainly could not speak directly like this.

After a short silence, Xiaya was still prepared to tell her the truth about it.

It may not be a bad idea to let her know so she can be prepared for it in the future, as this thing like today absolutely cannot happen again.

“As for the main culprit, it’s actually the full moon!” Xiaya bit a

mouthful of fruit and said.

Xiling tilted her head with eyes full of doubt, what does it have to do with the full moon

“We Saiyans have an innate transformation ability.

As long as we see a full moon and its reflected light.

It would cause their cells to excite and undergo variation thus transforming into a Great Ape.

The Great Ape mode will increase their normal Battle Power by ten times.”

Xiling’s eyes opened wide, while her small mouth gave an exaggerating cry of alarm: “Wouldn’t the Saiyans be invincible if they possess this kind of ability”

Xiaya shook his head: “How can it be so simple, and not to say just how high can their Battle Power reach after transformation to Great Ape.

And it also has a weakness, a restriction on the majority of Saiyans.”

“What weakness”

“Saiyans are a Fighting Race, but except High-level Warriors and a small part of Mid-level Warriors, other Saiyans latent talent is not much high.

So, after transforming into a Great Ape, it will be difficult to control the primitive wild nature inside them thus losing rationality, and unfortunately, today was the day of full moon.”

Seeing brother’s stern face, Xiling quickly thought of a possibility and covered her mouth while asking with an unbelievable expression: “So, brother did I injured you after transforming into a Great Ape”

“Ah, 9370 Battle Power made me exhausted.”

Seeing Xiaya nod, she couldn’t help but start wailing.

“Wuuu, Brother I am sorry, Xiling is bad.”

Xiaya extended his hand to caress the kid’s dark shiny hair and said in a comforting tone: “Well, you don’t need to feel sorry.

You see, I am fine! And also I had severed your tail.

So long as you don’t have a tail even if you see the full moon, you will not transform.”

“Really, you don’t blame me” Xiling cautiously asked.

“Of course, As you are my lovely younger sister!”

Xiaya comforted in a low voice and stated: “Anyway, even though Saiyan’s tail can help them transform into a Great Ape and obtain ten times the normal Battle Power.

But for an average Saiyan, it is an extremely unstable element.

If later you have an opportunity should get rid of it for good.”

“M-hm!” Xiling emphatically nodded her head.

Although she felt it to be a pity since brother said so it must not be a mistake.

“For the next few months, I must properly recuperate.

So the mission will be handed over to you! However, you must be careful.

Even though Planet Selma does not have any living being capable of threatening you.

But you must be cautious, as in this world there exist many life forms like Saiyans who have transformation abilities.”

“This type of life forms normal Battle Power is not that high, but after transformation, they will become very formidable.” Xiaya exhorted with a serious look.

In the universe, there exist many races which have transformation abilities.

Due to various reason, these races suppress their normal Battle Power and until they really met a threat only then will explode out with a fierce attack.

Just like Frieza and his underling Zarbon3.

And especially Frieza with 3 transformation abilities4, is an existence which causes one to be terror-stricken.

Planet Selma which was initially a Low-level Planet has exceeded its level.

Xiaya was worried that this planet may still have hidden some unknown thing.

“Ok! relax, Xiling will be careful.” Xiling swelled out her chest and accepted the mission brimming with confidence.

Xiaya nodded his head and picked up a fruit while eating with a relaxed expression.

Xiling’s current Battle Power was currently already at the peak of this planet.

So long as she is a little bit careful, there will not be any serious problem.

The next period of time, Xiaya will have to calm down and slowly heal.

And simultaneously also will have to take advantage of this period of time to properly carry out battle summarization.


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