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Mo Bing showed a very disdainful look at Fu Bao, yet Fu Bao was not moved.

He did not think that Feng Yue deserved to die, but Feng Yue should have paid for what she had done – his master was going to do nothing except to ruin her martial arts abilities.

It had been she who chose to kill herself.

Fu Bao was a bit sad about that, but he was still going to follow his masters words.

What he needed to pay attention to was that Shadow Door was going to bury her, but Mo Bing was not willing.

He needed to have her buried properly, and would only be done with his work, after the burial was completed.

Therefore, Fu Bao was going to follow them to the end.

Mo Bing threw a fierce look at Fu Bao, yet could not do anything about it so he let Fu Bao follow them.

He found a very clean river.

Then he made a wooden raft and picked some beautiful flowers as decoration.

Feng Yue was a hidden guard who worked day and night, and she was already dressed in black as the other hidden guards were dressed, but Feng Yue was a girl who loved to look beautiful, so sometimes, she would put her own dresses on, put on some cosmetics and lipstick.

He said nothing about any of these, but he could tell what she was thinking.

Now Fu Bao was following them, so he could not dress her in a beautiful dress.

So this was all he could do.

Mo Bing had already wiped away the blood on her face.

She looked clean and nice.

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When he was done, Mo Bing felt slightly better.

He released the wooden raft.

He watched the raft drifting away until it disappeared.

Only then did Fu Bao turn around and get ready to leave.

Mo Bing heard his footsteps and said coldly, “You are so cold, you from Shadow Door are so cold!”

Fu Bao paused, but said nothing just shook his head, turned around and left.

Shadow Door was always a cold existence.

Before they became hidden guards, the Elder Men from Shadow Door had already given them the warning that hidden guards should not be filled with any emotions.

All they needed to have was loyalty.

The Elder Men did not say that hidden guards should never have emotions, just that they shouldnt have too many.

Mo Bing had forgotten about this warning.

The reason why Feng Yue behaved like this was because she had lost her loyalty, not because she had emotions.

When he came to the gate of Xinlin Mansion…

Zhou Huaijin looked at Sword One who was still on her knees.

“You understand what mistake you have made”

“I do! Lady Chaoyan is my Elder Miss and whatever I do should be beneficial to Lady Chaoyan, not for myself, otherwise I will cause Lady Chaoyan harm!” Sword One said, “Head, please let me stay at Lady Chaoyans side.

I will never make such a mistake again!”

Zhou Huaijin looked at Sword One.

He was very angry today and disappointed in Sword One, but Sword One was indeed the most suitable person to stay by Chaoyans side.

Hopefully, she will live up to her words.

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“Get up now, go and serve your Elder Miss,” Zhou Huaijin said expressionlessly as he turned around and walked inside.

Sword One got up instantly and felt relieved.

She was happy that she could stay by the Elder Miss side.

After a days work, Gu Chaoyan was slightly tired.

She asked Sword One to prepare some hot water for a bath since she wanted to take a cozy bath and have a nice sleep.

Qing went to prepare some hot tea.

Gu Chaoyan was about to take a bath when some noise arose outside.

“What is it” Gu Chaoyan asked.

“It is Xiu Jie.

He looks very anxious!” Sword One said quickly.

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