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“It is my fault! I should not have passed on the message just because Feng Yue grew up with me! It was a thought that glimpsed across my mind! You are my Elder Miss, and you should make the call! It is my fault, I never expected that Feng Yue would regret nothing!” Sword One said, almost bursting into tears.

She was a hidden guard from Shadow Door, who had been through a lot of misery and pain, but she never cried, until now.

She was blaming herself.

She just could not imagine what wounds Elder Miss had gotten because of her mistake.

Sword One felt extremely guilty!

Hidden guards should not be emotional.

What hidden guards should do was what their master told them to.

That was something they were taught back at Shadow Door.

What she had not expected was that she made a real mistake when she forgot the warning of the Shadow Door.

Sword One felt extremely regretful, but regrets did not work any more.

Gu Chaoyan subconsciously intended to help Sword One up, but got stopped by Zhou Huaijin.

Gu Chaoyan did not think that Sword One had made a mistake, but Zhou Huaijin, who was extremely angry at this moment, would not allow Sword One to get up yet.

Also… he was not going to let Feng Yue go so easily.

Even if she was badly injured!

“Feng Yue, you are rebellious! How could someone so ruthless and cold-hearted come out of Shadow Door” Zhou Huaijin said, sounding lethal.

Mo Bing had just arrived in a hurry.

He had not expected that due to his carelessness, Feng Yue sneaked out and came to cause trouble for Lady Chaoyan.

She had been totally oblivious even after the punishment she received from the Elder Men!

When she made a fuss here, the consequence was more than about whether or not she could continue to work at Shadow Door.

When Mo Bing saw the state that Feng Yue was in he became certain about one thing – Feng Yue had just caused a big problem.

It would be her luck, if she could keep her life after this incident.

The Head was a really nice Master.

As long as they worked devotedly for him, he would not mistreat them in any way.

Even if they failed to do the tasks well, all they received was just some small, formulated tasks.

However, there were some things at Shadow Door that should never be done, namely, countering the Head.

Those actions would be considered treason.

When someone did that, the punishment would be more than just a small punishment from the Elder Men.

The Head would not show any mercy!

Since he was aware of this point, Mo Bing sweated as he begged.

“Head, it is my fault that I did not watch out for Feng Yue, letting her out to cause trouble.

Please, Head, she has been working for you for so many years devotedly, spare her life.

I will bring her away, and take care of her!”

Mo Bing could cut off one of her hands and let her live.

That was all Mo Bing could do for her.

He knew well that Feng Yue was going to get punished in a very serious way, so if Mo Bing took her away, she would receive the least serious punishment.

However, Zhou Huaijin threw a cold look at Mo Bing and did not approve this request.

He said, “Fu Bao, come here.”

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