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She had not been very happy to get the token, and she turned the offer down, but Huaijin insisted that she should take it, saying that there were too many people working at Shadow Door, and there was always somewhere where he was not able to keep control of them.

He did not want her to be put into a disadvantageous position, since for her, Shadow Door was a very important existence as well.

Therefore, the authority token was forced into her hands.

Gu Chaoyan had the token with her, thinking that it was a good ornament to wear, since it looked good to her.

Unexpectedly, the authority token came handy so soon.

It was just a few days since she received it.

Now she had all the reasons to use it.

She had tried not to bring it out, but she thought that it was time to show it right now.

Gu Chaoyan took out the authority token calmly and showed a sinister smile at Feng Yue as she dangled the authority token in front of her, asking.

“What if I have this authority token Am I qualified or not, after all I heard from Huaijin that this authority token represents the Head, doesnt it”

“You are not my maid, but you are a member of Shadow Door.

So with this authority token in hand I am now in charge of you, right” Gu Chaoyan showed a very innocent smile, as she asked.

Feng Yues face changed when she saw the authority token.

She looked at Gu Chaoyan, as if she had seen her worst enemy.

She had thought that the Head was just confused by her lies, so she could be shown what Shadow Door was like.

What she had not expected was that this woman was capable enough to make the Head pass the whole Shadow Door into her hands.

That was the worst thing that could happen.

She knew… She knew that the Head would have big trouble with her by his side.

However,…why… Why was this woman able to get the Heads authority token

What was so good about this woman that differed from the other women Look at her face, Feng Yue was better-looking than her, and she was not that amazing!

No, she did not deserve anything the Head gave her!

Feng Yue looked at Gu Chaoyan as if she had been poisoned.

She had thought about talking Gu Chaoyan into leaving the Head, but Feng Yue changed her mind.

She was going to have this woman killed, so that everything could be calmed down!

When she thought about this, Feng Yue already dashed towards Gu Chaoyan.

Seeing Feng Yue coming towards her, Gu Chaoyan dodged easily.

She could not jump high, but she used to be an agent and had a very sharp reaction.

Feng Yue had not expected that this woman would dodge.

After all, she had tried her best just now to attack her.

She was injured, but she believed that she was able to deal with someone like Gu Chaoyan.

It seemed that this woman was indeed lucky.

Concentrating on what was happening, Feng Yue spared no efforts to lunge at Gu Chaoyan, but Gu Chaoyan dodged her easily and countered her without showing any courtesy.

While the two were fighting, Feng Yue was not in an advantageous place, but kept being pushed to the bottom.

Gu Chaoyan reacted fast, so she easily dodged every attack.

Feng Yue thought that she had just been lucky, but gradually, Feng Yue noticed that something was wrong.

This woman was a good fighter!

However, she had to die no matter what!

Feng Yue suddenly took a few steps backwards, held up her hidden weapons and threw them at Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan saw the hidden weapons coming at her.

She had subconsciously intended to duck away when…

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