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“I am the one that makes the decision.”

“Or… why do you want me to leave Huaijin”

“If it is because of some parental words, you and Huaijin are just master and servant and you are not qualified enough to speak for his parents.”

“If it is about a legal wife… sorry, I am the legal wife, you are just a servant.”

“If it is because you are better than me Maybe you are offering me money You dont have that much money to give me.

Maybe you can give me power You arent even in a position higher than me.

Maybe you can give me a better man Well, it seems that no one else is better than Huaijin.”

“So, from what position are you giving me the order” Gu Chaoyan blinked her eyes, looking at Feng Yue with an innocent look.

Gu Chaoyan came to meet Feng Yue, only because she appreciated her devotion of taking care of her on the way to the Feather Mulberry Land.

However, this woman was speaking so boldly in front of her about these things.

Gu Chaoyan just did not understand what position she was in to do this on behalf of Zhou Huaijin.

Feng Yue sneered and countered.

“In what position”

“Then let me tell you about it!”

“I was already with Shadow Door when it was newly established.

The Head and I have gone through a lot these years! Shadow Door has been developed into such a huge place from a minor one, and the Head has become a man who fears nothing from someone who could not even sleep at night.

That is because we are strong enough to keep the Head safe!”

“That is why I am qualified.

I have witnessed how difficult it was when it started and how strong it has become.

So I am not going to allow the Head to go back to the old life he used to have.

And you are the thing that is going to bring him back to that life.

So I have to stop you!” Feng Yue looked very determined and excited, as she spoke in a fair way.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head.

Feng Yue was truly concerned about Huaijin and very devoted to Shadow Door, but she had been thinking about the whole thing in the wrong way.

She had also become extremely crazy as well.

What a pity that she had spent so much time at Shadow Door.

Gu Chaoyan added.

“My maid Qing grew up with me and during those years when I was set up, me and Qing had been so cautious all the time.

After all of this, I have grown stronger, and no one is able to hurt me any more.

Things have changed, but I am still the Elder Miss, and Qing is still my maid.

All Qing has been thinking about is whether I have eaten well or slept well.

Qing never says that the Lord isnt a match for me or asks me to leave him, because Qing knows her place, and that she is not the person that can make decisions for my life.”

“Hopefully, you understand your place!”

Feng Yue listened to the words for a long time.

She understood what she meant.

Gu Chaoyan was saying that she was just a maid who did not deserve to get involved with her Masters business, but Shadow Door was not like the mansions and courts.

There was no such corrupting rules going on!

She was just doing this for the Head!

“Gu Chaoyan, you are not in charge of me.

I am not your maid!” Feng Yue said disdainfully.

Gu Chaoyan raised her eyebrows.

“Oh really Gu Chaoyan just thought of the authority token Huaijin had given her earlier.

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