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She had thought that the Head was just old enough to get married and father children, and the only choice he had was to find someone who wasnt threatening.

Actually, Feng Yue had always believed that the Head should find someone from Shadow Door to get married, because these girls were not a threat to the Head, and they were even devoted to the Head.

If all the Head wanted was a child, any girl from Shadow Door would be willing to give birth to a child for him, but not admit it later.

If he chose someone beyond Shadow Door, it would be fine too.

If he could find someone who was ordinary and quiet, that would be fine.

She already felt that it was not worth the while to use some of Shadow Doors forces to deal with water robbers, on the way to the Feather Mulberry Land, but Feng Yue thought that since the lady was not trained at Shadow Door, it was okay that she wasnt physically strong enough.

It was just a matter of consolation.

However, what Feng Yue had not expected was that the Head even exposed the Shadow Door in front of this woman.

That was a taboo, which should never happen.

Shadow Door was a holy place, where everyone was devoted to the Head.

Also, Shadow Door was not acknowledged by the court and therefore should never be exposed to anyone outside.

Terrible things would happen, if this woman got involved.

She already told the Head about that clearly, but the Head was too stubborn to make any changes.

Feng Yue was aware that it was only because the Head had had a hard time all these years when the Queen had been trapped in the court and the King did not care about his life or death.

The Head had been very lonely.

That was why he was confused by this woman at this moment, but even if that was the case… She was not going to allow the Head to continue like this.

Shadow Door should not be harmed.

Since the Head could not understand, Feng Yue had to confront Gu Chaoyan.

Hopefully, this woman understood her intention and knew her own position.

Feng Yue looked at Gu Chaoyan and grew increasingly hostile.

She stared at Gu Chaoyan transfixed and ordered.

“You must leave the Head!”

Feng Yue addressed Lord Huai as the Head, not as Lord Huai.

In Feng Yues heart, the Head was the Head, not a lord.

Gu Chaoyan was not a match for the Head.

She could be by his side when he was just a Lord, but now, the Head was the Head of Shadow Door!

Hearing what Feng Yue said, Gu Chaoyan did not get excited, nor had she lost her composure.

Instead, she asked calmly.


Feng Yue was a bit surprised by how calmly Gu Chaoyan reacted, but she got excited and ignored Gu Chaoyans reaction, and said resolutely, “Because you are going to ruin the Head! You are not suitable to stay by his side.

If you really like him, just leave him alone, dont ruin him!”

She had not expected that her being with Zhou Huaijin was not objected to by either the Queen or Princess Xunyang, but by a female hidden guard at Shadow Door.

Well, Gu Chaoyan did not care.

She still said, “Why I think I am a good match for your Head, if you dont think so….”

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