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Sword One sized up her Elder Miss for a while, and let out a sigh of relief, seeing that her Elder Miss did not show much complaints.

The other day at Shadow Door, she could tell that Feng Yue was not pleased with Elder Miss, and that was why she had a few private words with the Head.

Even she could tell Feng Yues actions, let alone the sharp-minded Elder Miss! And later, Feng Yue got punished at Shadow Door so she knew that Feng Yue did not like Elder Miss much.

Sword One felt that Feng Yues punishment should be enough to cancel out her attitude towards Elder Miss the other day.

That was why Sword One was being a bit selfish today.

When Feng Yue requested to meet Elder Miss, she chose to come and pass on the message, rather than turn her down, because she and Feng Yue had been friends at Shadow Door.

They had not had an easy experience at Shadow Door, since they were all orphans from different places.

Although Shadow Door kept them, and fed them, the competition was very fierce at Shadow Door.

All they could do was to work hard and earn a place for themselves at Shadow Door.

Those who did not make it were fed until they were old enough to leave Shadow Door, rather than stay to work as the hidden guards.

In such a fierce environment, few girls managed to stay.

They had to make more efforts to face the serious practice, since they were innately weaker than men, when it came to martial arts and strength.

She and Feng Yue were two of the few girls that managed to stay at Shadow Door.

They were almost the same age and they could be considered sisters from the same generation.

Feng Yue was devoted to Shadow Door, and everything she did was for Shadow Doors sake.

What she did the day before had been against the Heads rules.

She received punishments, but Sword One understood that after what happened the day before, Feng Yue was only responsible for minor affairs, rather than given full responsibility for important errands.

Sword One found thought it was a very pitiful result.

That was why she chose to speak with Gu Chaoyan today.

All she could do was to pass on the message, and it was the Elder Miss decision whether she was going to meet her or not.

If the Elder Miss already developed a grudge towards Feng Yue and refused to meet her, then that was Feng Yues destiny and the consequences she had to bear after making the mistake.

If the Elder Miss did agree to meet her, she hoped that Feng Yue was here to make the apology.

Since if the Elder Miss passed it on, she might have the opportunity of continuing to work for the Lord.

It all depended on the Elder Miss.

Gu Chaoyan frowned slightly.

She had no intention of meeting Feng Yue at first, because she was not related to Feng Yue who was against her visit to Shadow Door.

She was not going to stay out of Shadow Door, just because Feng Yue did not like it.

So she was not really willing to meet this girl.

Gu Chaoyan hesitated, but soon, she remembered how devoted Feng Yue was back during their trip to the Feather Mulberry Land, and Gu Chaoyan thought that she should be given a chance to say what she had to say.

“Okay, we can meet her outside the mansion, lets go to the door,” Gu Chaoyan said.

Hearing her words, Sword One felt slightly happy.

She hoped that Feng Yue could make good use of the opportunity this time.

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