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Xiu Jie also thought highly of Shen Tai, and believed that Chaoyan would decide to keep him.

Therefore, he had helped Shen Tai right from the beginning by addressing him as Master, rather than Lord.

In this way, his real identity was not exposed, and things would be less complicated.

Otherwise, there would have been more trouble for Shen Tai.

Shen Tais brother and his wife were definitely greedy people.

If they knew that Xinlin Clinic was supported by someone in the imperial family, neither Shen Tai nor they would have a peaceful life.

Also, that possibility might have caused Chaoyan to give up on Shen Tai as well.

Xiu Jie was, honestly speaking, a very careful man who had taken a lot of things into consideration.

Chaoyan had told him that she was going to train her own staff.

And he believed that Chaoyan had made a correct choice in picking the right candidates.

The staff who were working for her looked like ordinary people, but when looked at more carefully, they were full of merits that would not be noticed, unless studied carefully.

Gu Chaoyan told Shen Tai what he was going to do, then Zhou Huaijin led them to Shadow Door.

Sword One and Sword One shared one wagon.

Shen Tai was blind-folded and he had no idea where he was heading.

Zhou Huaijin also made the wagon take a few extra paths in the capital, so that no one would be able to remember the paths.

Those extra paths cost them time and effort.

It took them almost four hours before they came to the gate.

When they arrived at Shadow Door, Mo Bing was very surprised that the Head had someone else with him, but soon he calmed down.

Because of what happened to Feng Yue the day before, nothing similar occurred today.

Shen Tai was taken directly into the prison where Sword One removed his blind-fold.

Shen Tai blinked a few times, after he saw the light again.

“It is there.” Gu Chaoyan said.

Shen Tai saw a few metal-like people lying there.

He was completely surprised, rather than frightened.

He thought for a while and said seriously, “Can I have a look at them inside”

She had been there the day before, and she was sure that these things were harmless at the moment.

So she did not stop Shen Tai when he offered to look inside.

The hidden guards opened the door.

Instead of showing any fear, Shen Tai went and touched those things.

He was feeling over the places that might have touched him at that time.

When he was done, Shen Tai showed a resolute expression.

“Yes, it was they who wounded me!”

“I couldnt see them clearly back then, but as I was struggling in between, I got to touch their surface.

I was wondering how big those people would be and what kind of martial arts they were using so that they could hurt me so badly even with a small touch!”

“But this is beyond my anticipation.

They were covered with such solid material, so it was totally reasonable that I was wounded.”

“When I was attacked, I even felt that my eyes were attacked by the reflection of sunlight.

That must have come from them too.”

Shen Tai finally had his confusion solved.

Seeing that he was heading somewhere, Gu Chaoyan added.

“Can you think of anything else, any small clues at all”

What Shen Tai had said so far was already something they confirmed, except that Shen Tai had made a detailed description of it.

“Oh yes, I suddenly thought of something!” Shen Tai said excitedly.

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