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As they walked into the clinic, Xiu Jie, who was inside spotted Gu Chaoyan, almost letting out a sigh of relief as if he had seen his savior.

“Here you are, Elder Miss.”

After greeting Gu Chaoyan, Xiu Jie bowed to Zhou Huaijin politely and said, “Master.”

Zhou Huaijin nodded and threw an interested look at Xiu Jie.

Carefulness was Xiu Jies biggest merit, which was noticed by Zhou Huaijin a long while ago.

They often greeted him as Lord but today, he greeted him as Master… then it meant that his real identity as Lord should not be exposed.

His calmness was stirred, as he heard the greeting, wondering what was going on inside.

After all, Xiu Jie was addressing him differently.

“What is it going on” Zhou Huaijin threw a look at the room, asking.

Zhou Huaijin had just burst out the question, when a man rushed out and kneeled down in front of Gu Chaoyan.

“Lady Chaoyan, please keep me as a laborer here at Xinlin Clinic, okay I only need food and I can do anything!”

Shen Tai shouted excitedly.

Inside the room, however, Shen Tais brother struck hard on Shen Tai, anxious as he heard what he said.

“What are you talking about What do you mean working here for free What about our family We have so much land at home, so how can we survive if you dont return and work”

They had just heard the news from their fellow villagers.

Their fellow villagers were out in the city buying stuff, when they saw Shen Tai looking totally healthy in the clinic.

That was why they decided to get him back.

They had thought that Shen Tai would return home of his own accord, when he was recovered, but if Shen Tai lost any limbs and could not make it home, they could just desert him and let him die in the clinic alone.

They were farmers who were not able to afford to support a useless being.

That was why they never thought of Shen Tai.

However, Shen Tai turned out to be completely healthy, so they should not let Shen Tai spend his days at the clinic.

He should go home and continue to do the farming.

Shen Tai was able to cover half of the labor work!

So what was he talking about now He wanted to work at the clinic, for free That was a total loss for the family! He was offering the clinic a free laborer, not a paid one! He must go home to do the farming work, if he was not paid enough.

“Brother, the doctors here saved my life, and they have helped me be reborn! I have to pay them back!” Shen Tai insisted.

“As for the family… brother, you are married, but I am not! You asked father to give all the land to you because you are married, but I got nothing! Even if that is the case, I have worked devotedly on the farm for more than a decade! I dont owe the family anything.

I just want to repay my saviors, and you should not stop me, just leave me alone! When I was in a coma, I heard what you said! You said that if I couldnt recover, you werent picking me up here.

So now, please, just assume that I havent recovered!” Shen Tai said.

Shen Tais brother was startled.

So he had heard those words

He felt quite guilty, but thinking of what Shen Tai could do for the family he still did not want to give up.

He insisted too.

“I am your brother, just like your father, you should obey me!”

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