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Gu Chaoyan was very confused and looked at Zhou Huaijin, as she heard his words.

They had never exchanged any gifts with each other before, but Zhou Huaijin would always give her large boxes of things she found useful, and Sword One and Qing would sort everything out for her to use.

Gu Chaoyan wondered what gift he was giving to her, and why.

Zhou Huaijin found this confused girl really lovely, as her large eyes were clear and sparkling.

He subconsciously pinched her face.

Then he took out the authority token from his pocket and placed it in her hands.

Gu Chaoyan, at this point, had not yet understood what that was given to her.

So she asked subconsciously, “What is it”

“The Authority token for Shadow Door,” Zhou Huaijin said.

Only now could Gu Chaoyan see clearly that the black authority token in her hands was carved with two small characters – “The Head ”, and on the side of the authority token were some totems related to Shadow Door.

Small but very exquisite.

However, Gu Chaoyan was still hesitant and decided to return the authority token to Zhou Huaijin.

He spent years building Shadow Door and the ones from Shadow Door had all the rights to work for him.

She should not accept the whole authority, even if Huaijin had the intention to give it to her.

However if she just gave it back to Huaijin without saying anything, he would not say yes.

Gu Chaoyan explained.

“You have to take back the authority token.

Shadow Door is yours, and you need the authority token to arrange work for Shadow Door, not me.

If I need to have some business done, I can just ask one of the Sword siblings to do that for me.

The authority token isnt needed at all.”

“Also, I told you that I was going to cultivate some people for myself, and that is what I am doing right now, and it is getting more and more mature as well.

Apart from the Sword siblings, I have got Xiu Jie and Xiao Jin who could all work for me.

Xiao Jin has been very devoted these days too, so I have enough staff with me.

The authority token isnt that useful for me.” Gu Chaoyan said.

Then she placed the authority token back into Zhou Huaijins hands.

However, the moment Zhou Huaijin received the authority token, he gave it back to her directly.

Seeing that giving it to her directly did not work, Zhou Huaijin explained from another perspective.

“Just take this authority token, you dont have to overthink it.

I am the Head and I dont need an authority token to pass on orders.

If you need to have any business done, you can just show it to anyone.

If you dont need it, just take it as an ornament.

It looks good on you too.

You wont be in any trouble with the authority token with you.”

“Also, Shadow Door is too huge and has too many members for me to spot everyone.

I am worried that someone will give you a hard time without it.

Understand” Zhou Huaijin caressed her face.

It was Feng Yues behavior that reminded him.

Otherwise he would not have thought about this.

He felt slightly better, when he gave the authority token to her, because the authority token represented everything.

Gu Chaoyan looked at the authority token in her hands.

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