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He needed to come up with a way to solve this issue.

Chaoyan should not be scared of those from Shadow Door, and those from Shadow Door should be truly devoted to Chaoyan as well.

For one moment, he felt like he was falling into a dilemma.

However, Gu Chaoyan had not expected that Zhou Huaijin had misunderstood her.

For one moment, she had no idea how to express herself.

So she just nodded and said with a smile, “It is fine.”

Only now did Zhou Huaijin feel slightly more assured.

After they went through a few alleyways, they came to a place that looked like a prison, which did not seem as gloomy as that at Dali Temple.

Instead, it was a renovated yard that looked really solid from outside.

Seeing the confusion in Gu Chaoyans eyes, Zhou Huaijin explained as he stood next to her.

“This prison was designed by someone very skillful.

We dont need such a prison at Shadow Door, but I didnt want to kill his idea.

When I was building the branch here, I spared an extra place for him to make a prison, which has never been used, until now.”

“Lucky for me, I never turned down that idea.

The prison made by him is really solid, even for those monsters.” Zhou Huaijin said, sounding as if he admired that man deeply.

That man did seem to have a very good and well-planned idea.

If such prisons could be used at Dali Temple or the Ministry of Personnel, or even in some mansions, it would be great, but… currently, it was not very ideal for the court to build a prison like this.

Therefore, the idea had to be dropped.

They were there to see the monsters inside.

They exchanged a few words outside, before walking in together.

It was not dark inside the prison.

It was actually bright enough to see what was kept.

Two hidden guards were leading the way, so the couple walked into the core from outside.

Gu Chaoyan saw what they were when she was still far away.

She was totally surprised.

She could accept those mutated wild boars, apes and black serpents, but this thing she was seeing right now was more than human beings.

It was so strange… It was a thing that had a silhouette of a human, or it was human that was changed into such a state.

They were covered by the hardest metal.

No ordinary beings were able to counter such a thing.

They could not be injured.

Nor did they have any inner organs.

They could never be killed.

Also, as these things were lying there one after another…

They showed no movement and breathed no air.

Gu Chaoyan still felt hair standing up on her neck, totally shocked.

“Have they been like this since they were brought back” Gu Chaoyan asked.

“Yes, they have been like this since they were brought back, lying like this, but one thing that can be sure is that they were the things that hurt people in the mountains.” Zhou Huaijin said.

She took a few steps forward and looked at the chained door.

She thought for a while and said, “Open the door.

I need to have a look at it.”

The hidden guards did not dare to open the door, since those were very dangerous beings.

Although they were not moving right now, they could not be sure that something unexpected wouldnt happen.

So the hidden guards looked at Zhou Huaijin.

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