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Apart from what was already there, Gu Chaoyan made a discrete observation of how the branch looked like.

It looked as if it were an ordinary mansion, but as a matter of fact, this place was even more concealed and secure than places like Dali Temple.

It was concealed and secure!

No one outside the branch was able to enter this place, unless the guards of Shadow Door gave them permission.

Otherwise any entry was impossible.

There were different hidden guards in every corner.

Even a bird was unable to make it out.

Before this day, Gu Chaoyan only had a little knowledge of what Shadow Door was like, which she heard from Fu Bao and Sword One, or Manager Song as well as other people.

However, since she was here today in person, she had to admit that Shadow Door was a lot more extraordinary than she had imagined.

No wonder Shadow Door was omnipresent.

She looked at Zhou Huaijin next to her, who was only in his 20s.

So it meant that when he built Shadow Door, he was still underaged.

Yet even at such a young age, he was able to build a place like Shadow Door and develop it into such a firm place with a solid foundation.

She could not help admiring him completely.

Also, despite the powerful existence of Shadow Door, he still kept a low-profile in the capital, showing nothing to the outside.

The King, the Heir and those ministers in the court, as she believed, must have thought that Zhou Huaijin was a spoiled and useless Lord.

None of them had any idea that the spoiled and useless lord in their eyes had managed to build a place like Shadow Door!

Gu Chaoyan could not help feeling sentimental as well.

She took hold of Zhou Huaijins hands tightly, as emotions filled her heart.

Zhou Huaijin could feel her tension, and thought that she must have been terrified on her first visit here to Shadow Door, which was, after all, different from ordinary mansions.

In this place, the hidden guards were busy with their own errands without showing any expression.

They did not bow or greet the visitors, unless he had some tasks to assign.

That was the rule that already prevailed when Shadow Door was first established, because Zhou Huaijin did not intend to waste any time upon manners and rules, when they had other serious affairs to deal with.

Afraid that she was not yet adapted to what she was surrounded with, he looked down at her and consoled her with a smile.

“Dont be afraid, the hidden guards at Shadow Door look very serious, but they wont hurt you.

Also, they are at your mercy, as long as you need them!”

Zhou Huaijin explained gently.

He suddenly felt that he had not yet considered a few points regarding Shadow Door in the past.

Chaoyan had been so engaged with her own business that Zhou Huaijin never took her to Shadow Door in the past or to show her around.

Whenever she was free, he always asked her to have a break instead.

For one thing, he felt that Chaoyan could always ask Sword One and the other three to deal with anything she needed, and for another, he felt that Shadow Door was just an office, which might just be open for Chaoyan when she needed in the future by receiving the authority token from him.

However, what Feng Yue had said and did made him hesitate.

He became aware that he had not been discreet enough.

He had thought that those people who worked for him would be devoted to him, but those guards were also people with emotions and thoughts…

So if he did nothing about it, not everyone at Shadow Door would be devoted to Chaoyan.

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