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Feng Yue became a bit worked up.

She bellowed furiously, “I am saying this and doing this only because I am thinking about Shadow Door and the Lord!”

“Mo Bing, you and I were the first ones to join Shadow Door, and we witnessed what Shadow Door was like and how Lord was doing in the capital! Years passed, and the reason why Shadow Door has become so firm is because the Lord and we have made so much effort!”

“The Lord has come to the age of getting married and fathering children, which I am clearly aware of.”

“But the Lord should be more rational when he is dealing with something.

He should not have asked that woman to be involved with Shadow Door.

She doesnt deserve to be part of us, and she should not put Shadow Door into potential danger either!”

“I am doing this for the Lord!” Feng Yue said excitedly.

She had almost lost control of her emotions because of what happened.

She had lost her mind because this was what she cared very much about.

Mo Bing looked at Feng Yue…

For the first time ever, he found Feng Yue seemed like a stranger to him.

When Feng Yue and he went to the Feather Mulberry Land together, she occasionally revealed that Lady Chaoyan did not deserve Lord Huai, but he did not put too much thought into that.

Later when she kept saying that Lady Chaoyan should not be involved with Shadow Door, he did not think that she was wrong about it either, so he had been quite cautious about hiding information, since people at Shadow Door should be cautious anyway.

However, it was different now.

Lord Huai was showing Shadow Door to Lady Chaoyan without any concern, which was a clear message for him.

No matter how much objection Feng Yue and he had in their minds, they should not hold any countering thoughts.

Instead, they should follow the Lords message and respect Lady Chaoyan as well.

What he had not expected was that Feng Yue was so persistent and even a little crazy.

Mo Bing frowned and said to Feng Yue, “Feng Yue, you are making a huge mistake!”

“We did spend the worst time with the Lord and we did make efforts for Shadow Door, but you should always remember that no matter what happens, we are just servants, and the Lord is our master.”

“We have to obey the masters words.”

“We and the Master are not on the same level.

We are not qualified enough to exceed him.

Lady Chaoyan, however, is the one that shares the same status as Master.”

“The Lord is right about this decision, and Feng Yue, it is you who have not understood where you are.”

“If not for the Lord, we would have starved to death as orphans.

He has given us life, and it is our duty to work for him.

We have no right to tell him what to do and what not to do, got it”

Hearing what Mo Bing said, Feng Yue still shook her head.

It was not like this at all.

It should not have gone in this way.

They were all people who went through ups and downs with the Lord, but Gu Chaoyan had done nothing!

Mo Bing sighed at the sight of Feng Yue.

It seemed that Feng Yue still had not understood what mistake she had just made.

“Just go back to Shadow Door for your punishment.

Hopefully, you will understand what mistake you have made,” Mo Bing said calmly.

Then he went back to his own position and continued to guard the door.

Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyan already came to the inner part of Shadow Door.

The branch looked ordinary from the outside, but things were very diversified and abundant inside.

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