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He looked at Zhou Huaijin with surprise.

He had said much about this matter and tried to talk him over, but he had not expected that his eighth son would react in such a nonchalant way.

He had thought that he would at least show some unwillingness.

He never believed that his eighth son and his fourth son were on such good terms as not to care about this decision.

The King, as a matter of fact, was just trying to make his eighth son anxious by telling him that he would get nothing without his fathers adoration.

That was why he put forward this suggestion.

However, his eighth son seemed so calm that he did not even say any countering words.

That made the King feel really uncomfortable.

He suddenly felt as if he were facing the Queen, who did not seem to care about anything when they were together.

“Are you sure” The King asked, as he picked up the teacup again and sipped tea.

However, he was sizing up Zhou Huaijin on the sly, hoping to see some changes from his face.

Zhou Huaijin looked expressionless, just as how he normally behaved.

He said politely when he heard what the King asked, “Father, I am sure.

You are the King and you have the whole world.

Apart from you, the Heir is one of the most honorable persons.

We have rules in the country and in our family.

Those who are noble should be equipped with things that are noble.”

“I used to be a lord, and my mother was the Queen, so it was totally reasonable that I was given the better mansion.”

“But now the Heir is here, and he is better than all of us, just like his title.”

“I firmly believe that you would not have made the decision, if there had been any other choices.

So now, you decided to do this because you have no other choices.

That is what the rules should be like,” Zhou Huaijin said with no expression on his face, covering almost all aspects.

The King was in the middle of sipping his tea while he was listening to what Zhou Huaijin was saying.

He agreed with what Zhou Huaijin said, but something was wrong.

That made him feel really unsure all of a sudden.

He waved his hands.

He was not going to recall what he had said, since his eighth son himself agreed upon this matter.

So that was how the decision was settled.

However, when the decision was settled, the King was not very happy either.

So he asked Zhou Huaijin to leave.

Seeing his sons retreating figure the King massaged his temples and asked De Fu.

“De Fu, do you think I am right about this”

“The Queen is gone, and I have decided to treat him well, but his behavior has hurt me.

The Queen has just passed away and yet he decided to leave the capital, which I approved.

But he returned home when he did not have a smooth time outside the city.

He was gone for so long, and yet he did not even come to greet me before he returned to his mansion.

If not for what the Heir told me, I would not have been aware of it.” The King complained.

Without any way to counter, De Fu replied, “It is fine.

Lord Huai is right, you are the King, you have the say about everything.”

Having said this, De Fu sighed inwardly.

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