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“After all, what we have at the Luos is what Fortune Restaurant has as well, but our restaurant looks more shabby than Fortune Restaurant, so most of our guests are ordinary civilians.

On the other hand, those who eat at Fortune Restaurant are nobles and rich people.

They are from two different social networks, so how did you know that we are going to affect them” Zhou Huaiyu asked curiously.

That was the point he just could not understand.

Even after some discussions with Wuhen, they just could not figure out any suitable answers.

In every country… like in the Saint Divine Land, there were places open for noble and rich people.

For example, Restaurant Jixian served almost the same dishes as in other restaurants, but the noble and rich people in the capital did not care about the differences.

So why did such a difference matter when it came to the Feather Mulberry Land

He of course wished that the Imperial Master would be defeated, but he just wanted to hear a proper explanation!

Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly, as she took a sip of tea and said calmly, “There are reasons.”

“Actually, it is not about whether the two restaurants serve the same dishes.

Trust me, if the manager of Fortune Restaurant was someone else, our restaurant would not be a threat at all.

They can still make profits from their restaurant.”

“The key point is not about the branded dish, it is about the Imperial Master.”

“The Saint Divine Land, the North Qi Land, the Cloud Land and the Feather Mulberry Land are four different countries, which differ from each other in civil situations, but they have almost the same mode in running the country.

The imperial families, officers, noble families and common families mainly take up the whole capital, and the Prime Minister is normally the head of the officers, whilst the General holds the military power.

It has always been like this throughout dynasties, which is a point acknowledged by the old ancestors.

When did the Imperial Master become someone important These years”

“The Imperial Master is available in the North Qi Land, so the Feather Mulberry Land copied the model and hired an Imperial Master too.

And the Imperial Master is someone who exceeds the officers and ministers.”

“You think the officers and ministers would be happy about that”

“Of course not.

Those officers and ministers have made so many efforts to come to where they are now, whilst the Imperial Master has hopped over them in one single step.”

“There will be conflicts, and those are conflicts of interests.

Those who are least involved would have the biggest chance of winning the conflicts.”

“The Imperial Master is different.

He is the opposite of all the officers and ministers.”

“In the past, he had the intention of helping Prince Muyi, so no one in the Feather Mulberry Land could do anything about him.

However, now he has betrayed Prince Muyi so he ended up in such a state.

The other princes would be very happy about this, but they fear him as well – he is not someone to be hired any more.

If they think that the Imperial Master is not useful any more, then they should replace him with someone else.

Therefore, the Imperial Master is an enemy to not only the ministers and officers, but also the princes.”

“In the past, the King was behind Fortune Restaurant, so he could do whatever he wanted, and no one could find an excuse to bring him down, but now our restaurant has appeared, and serves the same dish as Fortune Restaurant, but not as a branded dish, and charges very little money compared to that at Fortune Restaurant.”

“So we are offering excuses for those people, and…”

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