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Chapter 92: B*tch

She had lost a lot of weight, a little chubby still, yet her skin had turned fair.

She was so comfortable to look at, when her eyes were large and clear.

Lu Jiming even found her a little bit attractive.

He felt his heart hopping as he saw her standing there in a confident and calm way.

He regretted as he had eyes upon her.

He should not have been so determined to have cancelled their engagement.

And he should have been more sincere when asking her to become the concubine.

In that way, he might be able to get both her and Ruxue.

How wonderful would that be.

However, that was just a momentary matter.

He soon realized something.

The reason why Chaoyan had lost so much weight must have been because of sadness.

She had been admiring him for the past few years.

So she must have turned skinny because he never liked her.

He could explain to her in a fine manner when they both had time later.

As long as Chaoyan could lose some more weight, he could consider giving her a nice wedding, when he married Ruxue.

Lu Jiming smiled as he made up his mind.

Gu Chaoyan did not know that many weird ideas had flashed across Lu Jimings mind during this brief period of time, but Gu Ruxue had noticed his strange behavior.

That was how Lu Jiming stared at her a while back.

How dare he! How dare he stare at the ugly woman in this way

“Prince.” Gu Ruxue called him with a lovely tone, bringing Lu Jiming back to himself.

He looked at Gu Ruxue.

“What is it, Xue”

He had just said the words, when he saw the two maids next to Gu Ruxue.

The two maids who had swelling cheeks, should have returned at Madame Gus order, but Gu Ruxue insisted on making them stay.

Now seeing how Lu Jiming was looking at her sister, Gu Ruxue was glad that she had kept the two girls.

Now they came in handy.

“Prince, are you attending the banquet too” Gu Ruxue asked gently.

Lu Jiming nodded and asked instantly, “What is wrong with the two maids”

Hearing Lu Jimings question, Gu Ruxue got delighted inwardly.

However, she could not show that on her face, but said with a concerned tone, “Sister hit them as we were waiting outside the gate.

We are visiting the imperial court today, so we have no medicine with us.

We have to wait until we meet Princess Gu to see if they can be given the medicine.”

Hearing these words, Lu Jiming felt very concerned about her.

Ruxue was also so gentle and kind, and she even showed concern to two maids and thought about giving them the medicine.

Gu Chaoyan on the other hand…

He no longer liked her.

What was the point of getting prettier She was still so evil!

He glared at Gu Chaoyan.

“What an evil woman!”

Gu Chaoyan threw a lethal look back at him and asked coldly, “Who are you referring to”

Maybe it was because of the intimidating air Gu Chaoyan put on, but Lu Jiming did not answer directly.

However, Madame Duke Changning did not lose the chance and said with a sneering tone, “Jiming said nothing wrong! You are evil to hit your servants.

Luckily we canceled the engagement, or our servants would suffer.”

“It seems that no one at Duke Changnings Mansion has any manners.” Gu Chaoyan said mockingly, “So you have to worship your servants who make mistakes instead of punishing them.

How low-class the owners of Duke Changnings Mansion are!”

“What are you talking about, b*tch!” Madame Duke Changning shouted.


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