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The Imperial Master showed a furious look on his face.

This man was selected by him for his restaurant.

He picked an excellent pageboy because he was not a businessman.

He had thought that this pageboy would be able to help with everything so that he did not have to put too much effort in it, but every one of them seemed too useless.

“It is just a small restaurant opposite us, it is far smaller than Fortune Restaurant.

It is very reasonable that those commoners go to eat the free food.

Lets just see if those commoners still want to eat there afterwards.

Also, the Fortune Restaurant only receives noble people, at least people with some money.

Those commoners would never be allowed to eat here, so you dont have to worry about anything.” The Imperial Master was extremely annoyed – he would have made a scene, if he had not taken his reputation into consideration.

He decided to be more tolerant, since he was running a restaurant now.

That was why he did nothing at this point.

However, he was still annoyed.

He struck that mans head with his fan, and that man tolerated the pain with a frown, not daring to say anything.

“If you keep reporting these stupid messages to me next time, you are fired! We dont keep stupid people!” The Imperial Master bellowed furiously.

The pageboy responded with a small voice.

He did not dare to say anything more.

Only then did the Imperial Master feel slightly more satisfied.

He gave the pageboy a kick and said, “Go and get back to your business.”

The pageboy nodded constantly and left unhappily, but he still believed that the situation seemed negative.

He was just a pageboy, but he had been a pageboy for more than a decade.

He had been traveling with his father since he was little, until he finally settled down in the capital.

He had sensed that the small restaurant had some plans – no restaurant before had ever been opened in this way.

That small restaurant was definitely going to flourish.

Maybe not right now, but soon.

Actually, there was a rule when it came to opening restaurants.

Other restaurants were not allowed to be opened close to the large restaurants, even hostels could not be opened in the neighborhood.

Those who had no background could do nothing about it, but the Imperial Master had the King behind his back, so he could do whatever he wanted.

It was such a simple thing, which the Imperial Master did not want to put effort into.

He was just an arrogant man, not a qualified businessman.

That was what the pageboy was thinking inwardly, but he did not dare to say anything more, so he dropped the topic.

He sighed, then he went back to do his own business.

He occasionally glanced at the small restaurant, which was filled with guests inside and outside.

Some passers-by could not help but cease their footsteps and watch.

The Imperial Master called them the commoners, but he did not think all of them were.

Some of the guests were well-dressed, maybe not rich or noble, but at least not the low-class commoners.

He sighed again and went back to his own errands.

Some other page boys did not care about any of the situations happening in front of them.

Instead, they just got busy with their own errands.

Gu Chaoyan did not name that restaurant particularly carefully when she was opening it.

She called it the Luos, taken from Qings real family name.

At that moment, it was very bustling at the Luos.

All the guests were very happy to eat free food.

Someone suddenly said, “I believe that you have never eaten the branded dish from Fortune Restaurant, have you”

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