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Yinfeng nodded seriously.

“All settled.”

It was Gu Chaoyans turn to be surprised.

It took Yinfeng just one day to complete the mission she gave to him.

That was fast!

Gu Chaoyan looked at Yinfeng – she admired him for being so efficient.

She gave him a big mission the day before, and it took him only one tour of time to get it settled.

Yinfeng explained quickly at the sight of Gu Chaoyans surprised look.

“Our Prince has already bought some stores at your request.

Prince was still young when he did that, because he did not splurge the treasure granted by the King.”

“It happened years ago, and I was not sure if there were any stores close to the restaurant.

I checked it yesterday and found a very suitable one.

Then I gave some compensation to the ones who were using the store, so the store is ready for you to use.”

“I went to hire some proper chefs, and that went well.

We found the right ones, so everything is settled.

I dont want to waste your time, so I came hurrying to inform you,” Yinfeng said politely.

That was how the whole story went.

Gu Chaoyan felt that cooperating with Prince Muyi would save her a lot of energy and time.

Prince Muyi had a plan of his own.

Gu Chaoyan nodded and gave Yinfeng a very praising look.

“Since we are prepared, then Sixth Brother and Fu Bao can get some help and start to do something in the store.

I am sure that in a couple of days time, we will be able to open that restaurant,” Gu Chaoyan said with a smile.

“Okay! I will do that with Fu Bao and Wuhen.” Zhou Huaiyu was very glad as well.

He had planned to establish some casinos too, but if the restaurant went so smoothly and fast, he could wait a few more days to establish the casinos.

Before Yinfeng left, Gu Chaoyan said to him, “You can tell Prince not to worry or overthink about anything.

He doesnt have to contact us, just wait for the result quietly.

There are just a few days left, so dont let him get caught doing anything.”

Yinfeng nodded understandingly.

Before he left, he thanked Gu Chaoyan.

The restaurant for ordinary dishes was formally opened.

On the first day, the dishes were free.

The dishes were open to all guests without extra costs, but there were some requirements, too – the guests should never waste any food; just order the amount they were able to take.

If the guests wasted too much food, they would be charged as well.

Also, the restaurant would stop receiving guests when the tables were full.

When someone left and the seats were vacated, the following guests could come and start to eat as well.

Gu Chaoyan made the rules, but despite the rules, “free food” filled the restaurant with people, while many people were watching the show outside.

When this small restaurant got so filled with people, the Imperial Masters restaurant opposite it noticed it.

The messenger passed on the message to the Imperial Master.

The Imperial Master, despite his title, was in charge of the restaurant by the order of the King.

When the Imperial Master heard the news, he struck the messengers head with his fan and said, “Dumb!!!”

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