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She said calmly, “That is what life is – you have to lose something to get something back.

Since what we plan is to take revenge on the Imperial Master, then we will need to pay something from our side.

We may not be able to earn a large amount of money with this matter, but isnt it a fun thing, after all We are going to make that arrogant man trip over.”

“The Imperial Master believes that we are not able to do anything while we are in the Feather Mulberry Land, so he does whatever he wants, but he is wrong.”

Zhou Huaiyu and Wuhen, cant help but cross their arms – this Lady Chaoyan was way too evil inside her heart, she could irritate anyone who punished her in a very implicit way.

They felt the hair on the back of their neck rising.

Gu Chaoyan continued without caring about the look of fear on their faces.

“Also, we have earned a great deal of profits from the branded dishes served at Yellow Crane, and the profits are gained from the liquor we sell.

So even if we dont earn much money with food, we can still sell liquor.”

And when the Imperial Master loses his business at the restaurants, the national storage would start to get empty.

The King would become very unused to not receiving so much money every day, since he had already developed the habit of receiving so much income.

What would he do then He could be persuaded into selling liquor!

They could ask the King to allow them to sell the liquor at their restaurant, and the King would be able to get the income earned from the liquor.

In this way, he would be very motivated.

Maybe… at that time, Prince Muyi and the Imperial Master would have a different position in the Kings heart.

“The imperial family of the Feather Mulberry Land are selling the wine, and since the King told Prince Muyi to sell the wine in the Saint Divine Land, then it basically means that the King is no longer as persistent with the wine like he was in the past.

He no longer thinks that only the imperial family should be allowed to drink it.

Since that is the case, things will be much easier.” Gu Chaoyan reminded them.

She had given a very clear explanation of what was happening, and everyone present understood what she meant.

This Lady Chaoyan was extremely smart.

It only took her such a short while to sort out the whole incident and come up with such a perfect plan.

No wonder Prince Muyi stressed that he should take good care of Lady Chaoyan.

At the beginning, he did not understand why Prince Muyi would want to put focus upon this woman, when everyone else looked so outstanding, but now he understood clearly that it was because this woman was way too smart to be ordinary.

And she had her own ideas and plans.

If her method was conducted, then the Imperial Master would soon fall.

He knew the King well – he only believed someone devoted when that person brought him profits.

If that person failed to bring him any more profits, the King would think less of that man.

So if Prince Muyi took this opportunity and became that devoted man, he would definitely regain his old position.

“Lady Chaoyan, I will do that now!” Yinfeng said.

He had tried to press down his excitement at this moment, but he just could not help uttering a cheerful sound.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She was in a good mood.

Wuhen sized up Gu Chaoyan.

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