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“What is it” Gu Chaoyan asked worriedly.

“Sorry, Lady Chaoyan, I have to go back to my mansion now.” Prince Muyi said with a serious look on his face.

“My father has arranged for many people to guard me, but I am able to get out of the mansion, since Yinfeng has gotten a mask for me to put on.

Those guards dont watch me carefully, so they dont notice the slight difference.

But Yinfeng just told me that my brother is visiting, so I have to return.

I must not be discovered.

You can turn to Yinfeng for anything you need,” Prince Muyi said hurriedly.

Gu Chaoyan nodded and Prince Muyi left in a hurry.

Gu Chaoyan looked at the back of Prince Muyi.

She nodded with a look of praise.

Prince Muyi was an innocent man, but he was smart enough to survive in the desperate situation.

After Prince Muyi left, Gu Chaoyan, Zhou Huaijin, Zhou Huaiyu and Wuhen remained in the room.

Everyone had a very serious look on their faces.

Neither Zhou Huaiyu nor Wuhen had a clear idea of what was going on, but Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyan didnt have a clear idea of what was going on either.

Prince Muyi was under the watch of many guards of the King, so he was unable to pass on too much information.

Therefore, what they knew was just a general concept.

The information they received earlier was that the Imperial Master built a restaurant which resembled the Yellow Crane exactly, and that restaurant had attracted many guests.

However, how did the Imperial Master manage to make such a precise copy of the Imperial Master Maybe he had taken away a chef from the Yellow Crane, or the whole family of the chef to the Feather Mulberry Land.

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Nevertheless, the Imperial Master was willing to contribute the income to the country!

If the income was contributed to the country, then it basically meant that the restaurant was owned by the King! Then, their previous solution would not work any more.

They needed to come up with a new solution.

“If the King is involved, then we should bring some more people to us,” Zhou Huaijin said with a frown.

He did not intend to give up.

He was definitely going to punish the Imperial Master.

“I will tell Mo Bing to get some more people to us.”

Gu Chaoyan frowned and thought for a while, then she waved her hands.

“No need.”

“You have an idea” Zhou Huaijin asked confusedly.

Zhou Huaiyu and Wuhen looked at her curiously, wondering what idea she had come up.

As far as they knew, this matter seemed to have come to a dead end, but Gu Chaoyan thought of an idea within such a short notice

It made them extremely curious.

Gu Chaoyan smiled, believing that her ideas could work.

The Imperial Master might be defended by the King, yet his enemy was Gu Chaoyan, who would give him a hard time.

“I already have an idea,” Gu Chaoyan said with a smile.


Yinfeng walked in directly.

Prince Muyi left Yinfeng here for Gu Chaoyan to dispatch.

Yinfeng was very familiar with the Feather Mulberry Land, and could make things easier for them.

Gu Chaoyan believed that Prince Muyi had become very considerate.

“Yinfeng, there is one thing you need to do for me.”

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