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Zhou Huaijin came to Gu Chaoyan, then he took hold of her and observed her from head to foot.

She did look lively after she had a nap.

She no longer looked so pale as she was on the boat, and she was even flushed a little.

She must have gotten better the moment she was off the boat.

It had been a wise choice to get off the boat.

Zhou Huaijin looked at her carefully before he believed that she had recovered.

Then he nodded.


“Then lets have some dinner.” Gu Chaoyan flushed as she headed towards the table, looking bashful.

This girl of his had turned bashful.

It was just a small move of closeness and yet this girl turned bashful! What if they got married and needed to share the bed in the future Zhou Huaijin just could not imagine how this little girl was going to react on the wedding night.

He flushed too, as he thought about it, so he instantly stopped himself.

Zhou Huaiyu and Wuhen came downstairs too.

Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyan did not care about rules and manners, and Zhou Huaiyu, who had always been traveling outside the town, never followed the rules in the capital either.

So everyone was seated on the table and ate dinner together.

They were not in the capital, so they were free to do whatever they wanted.

After dinner, Wuhen changed his attitude towards Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin.

They were not the same as the other noble and arrogant children from the capital.

They were all very cheerful after dinner.

Then they returned to their own room to rest.

They needed to gather enough energy for the rest of the trip, which would be full of difficulty.

It was a really peaceful night, so they all got up early the next morning, before it was dawn.

They were all prepared to start the trip.

When Zhou Huaiyu walked out of the room, Wuhen was waiting for him outside the room.

Wuhen said briefly as he saw Zhou Huaiyu, “I received a letter from my friend, who says that the Beihai Gang has already run away from their own camp.

Some injured remain, but they are being taken good care of.”

He was very concerned about the Beihai Gang, because he was worried that the Beihai Gang would give a hard time to the business people that came later.

So he very much wanted to know what they would do, and unexpectedly, they received such a piece of shocking information.

He had to tell Zhou Huaiyu about this message.

He remembered that Lord Huai once promised that he was going to take care of the Beihai Gang, but he had not expected that he had finished the job so fast and accurately.

That basically meant that Lord Huai was more capable than they imagined.

This kind of man was not only going to achieve greatness outside the capital, but also inside.

It wasnt a long-term plan for Lord Yu to drift about throughout his whole life.

So if Lord Huai was willing to accept them, then Lord Yu could have a peaceful time living in the capital, and then his deceased mother would get a proper name for herself.

Zhou Huaiyu nodded with a very complicated look on his face.

“I got it.”

The two of them walked out of the hostel as if nothing had happened.

The wagons headed eastwards.

It was a smooth trip.

Nothing stopped them on the way.

They arrived at the border within eight days time, and after three days time, they arrived at the capital of the Feather Mulberry Land.

All of them looked very messy and tired.

Someone came to them the moment they arrived at the capital.

“Lord Huai, Lady Chaoyan, our Prince is waiting for you all,” that man said politely.

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