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“And our Elder Miss is the future Princess Consort, and you are Lord Huais brother.

What is more, our mansion differs from the other mansions.

It is a mansion bought by Elder Miss after she was driven out of the family, and we have no senior family members inside.

That is why Elder Miss decided not to receive any guests, when she is not around.”

“If you are someone ordinary, then we could consider taking you in, but you are the heir, and you are visiting the future Lord Huais wifes mansion, which doesnt sound right.

You dont want to hear any rumors going around the capital, do you” Xiu Jie said in a very persuasive tone, whilst standing by the gate and allowing no one to take a step in.

Xiu Jie was a rough-looking person who did martial arts, but he was more than just a rough guy.

He was a very careful person who knew when to take a step forward and when to walk backwards.

If he did not want the heir to go in, he could do anything he wanted to handle this, but he had no intention of making a fuss, if he could end the whole thing with just a few words.

Zhou Huailing frowned as he heard those words.

He was feeling so furious inside his heart, but he had nowhere to vent his anger.

He could not even counter what this man had said to him.

That made him rather distressed.

Zhou Huailing let out a sigh of frustration and then looked at Xiu Jie.

“Good, it is worth hiring you as the doorman, lucky for your Elder Miss.”

Xiu Jie was not angry when he heard the disdainful words.

He said with a smile, “Thank you for the compliments, heir.”

Zhou Huailing flung his sleeves angrily and rushed away.

Xiu Jie smiled at the sight of Zhou Huailings retreating figure, then closed the door.

He was not very angry about being called “the doorman”.

First of all, his Elder Miss didnt treat him in this way, but gave him a lot of valuable tasks to do and paid him much respect.

Secondly, even if he was indeed a real doorman for Elder Miss, he would find it honorable.

He could have died if not for the Elder Miss who saved him, and he had entrusted his life to her, so he would do anything just to express his gratitude to her!

Xiu Jie smiled and went back to his own business.

Gu Chaoyan had already arrived at Bingzhou.

They did not have much company with them, apart from some hidden guards who followed alongside.

Gu Chaoyan and Zhou Huaijin had Qing, Sword One and Fu Bao with them, together with two other guards called Mo Bing and Feng Yue from Shadow Door.

Mo Bing and Feng Yue were barely talking, compared with Fu Bao who kept making jokes.

They stayed at a hotel when they arrived at Bingzhou.

However, they just got a few rooms instead of buying out the whole hotel.

Their original plan was to come to Bingzhou with Lord Yu, but Lord Yu was delayed by one day due to urgent affairs, so they arrived at Bingzhou ahead of time.

Bingzhou was just a small town, nothing special.

The best part about this small town was that Bingzhou was always the middle junction for them when they wanted to go anywhere.

Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyan did not leave the hotel.

They were just waiting for Zhou Huaiyu.

Zhou Huaiyu arrived as he had promised – one day later.

However, Zhou Huaiyu only had one guard with him and no luggage.

Zhou Huaijin said to Zhou Huaiyu the moment he arrived.

“There is a change of plan.”

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