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“However, we need to get someone to be in charge of the town building, who do you think would be the most suitable” the King asked casually.

He was very tired at this moment, so his head had become messy.

There had to be someone leading the whole project, because it wasnt just about building a house with the Ministry of Construction.

No new houses had been built these years, apart from the mansions for those lords in the country.

Since it was for the summer holiday, the project had to be well-conducted.

Therefore it became a huge question of who should be in charge of the project.

He had no one to entrust the project to.

During the past few years, he had been keeping everything in balance when it came to the countrys affairs and courts affairs.

Prime Minister Chu had General Liu who helped him, and those noble families all had their own sides to take.

It was a good measure for them to supervise each other, so that he did not have to be bothered with too many small matters.

Therefore, it was a difficult issue regarding who to entrust with the holiday town.

The Prime Minister and Generals should be ignored, since this project was only suitable for noble families, but noble families had equal amounts of rights, so he should not give the project to any of them.

As for the Gu Family… he was very aware of how much he had given to the Gu Family, and how incapable they were.

If the project was given to the Gu Family, the other families would get really annoyed.

That was why he asked the Empress Dowager subconsciously – he could not come up with any solution.

The Empress Dowager had predicted this would happen, so she nodded.

Instead of answering the King directly, she picked up the teacup and sipped some tea, pretending as if she had pondered over the question for a while before saying, “That doesnt sound like an easy task to give away.

I remember that it had been the Yao Family who built Lord Huais Mansion and Lord Lings Mansion as well as Lord Yus Mansion.

You, the Queen and Princess Jing were very satisfied back then.”

“If you cant come up with any suitable candidate, what about giving it to the Yao Family instead” the Empress Dowager said.

The King was suddenly reminded of this.

True, the Yao Family had been the one that took over the construction projects many years back.

The Empress Dowager was from the Yao Family.

It was a huge noble family in the capital.

The Yao Family, who had been granted with the biggest honor, had kept a low-profile.

The Yao Family had never been at any banquets in and out of the court, and even the younger generations of the Yao Family were not working in the court.

However, the leader of the Yao Family came to greet him every year with utter politeness.

He would not have thought of the Yao Family if not for the Empress Dowagers reminder.

The Empress Dowager had never mentioned a thing about the Yao Family these years, and she had never recommended the Yao Family to take over any business… So since she was talking about it right now, she had to be sincere in making the recommendations.

The King believed that the Yao Family should be the most suitable person to take over the project, and no other families would pick on this decision.

The Yao Family was not bragging around in the capital all the time.

“Okay then, the Yao Family can take it over.

I will ask them to come to court tomorrow.

Thank you, mother,” the King said politely.

“It is fine,” the Empress Dowager said with an affable smile.

Xie Yan had just received a letter from North Qi, so he hurried to the heirs study.

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