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Zhou Huailing had been thinking about what he should do after his mother got the title as the Queen, but when he heard her reply, he suddenly put on an expression of cautiousness, looked about and made sure that it was the safest place before asking Honored Princess Jing.

“What is that”

He was the heir now, but he needed to be even more cautious after he became the heir.

He needed to be discreet.

Honored Princess Jing felt more assured seeing that Zhou Huailing had become obviously more mature and acted carefully.

She had been thinking about this on her way out of Cining Palace.

The Empress Dowager was her aunt, but after spending so many years together, Honored Princess Jing already understood what the Empress Dowager was like – she only cared about personal interests, not emotions or affections.

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She would only think about emotions and affections, when interests were not that important any more.

For example, when the Empress Dowager tried to help her and Huailing, it was not because the Empress Dowager liked them, but because they were her best tools at the moment.

Tools would always have to face one result – they became useless and got abandoned.

Therefore, they had to pave a way for themselves.

For example, when the Empress Dowager suggested that the ladies from the Yao Family should become the Princess Concubine and give birth to some children, which was something great for her the day before, today, she noticed something weird going on.

She had been thinking a lot on her way home, and she believed that the Empress Dowager had her own plan when mentioning this.

She could not possibly let Huailing fall into that plan.

Honored Princess Jing said with a small voice, “The Empress Dowager is trying to select some Princess Concubines for you from the Yao Family.”

Zhou Huailings eyes brightened as he heard the words Princess Concubine.

The ladies from the Yao Family were all very pretty, and he had seen them before! Now he was the heir and he could get all kinds of women he wanted.

Honored Princess Jing patted him.


“You are the heir, and you can get all kinds of pretty girls, but you should never pay attention to the ladies from the Yao Family.

The Empress Dowager wants the ladies from the Yao Family to give birth to your children! But I hope that you and Ruxue will be able to give birth to the lineal children.

She is the Phoenix Girl, and only by combining with her would you be able to help each other.

You can become a father with any other woman except anyone from the Yao Family!”

Hearing what Honored Princess Jing said, Zhou Huailing suddenly realized that things were not that simple and that the situation was getting really complex.”

“Mother, what is going on” Zhou Huailing asked with a serious look on his face.

“Do you know why the Empress Dowager is helping you all the time, its not because she adores you as the imperial grandchild, but because I am someone from the Yao Family! You have the bloodline from the Yao Family, and the Yao Family cares a lot about bloodline.

So what they want is someone from the Yao Family to take the throne.”

“Currently, you are the only one available here, but if you and someone from the Yao Family give birth to a child, then there would be a backup in the world!”

“I am thinking that is why the Empress Dowager is so anxious to get someone from the Yao Family to marry you!”

“Huailing, when you are no longer irreplaceable, and when you are in the same position as her interests, I am worried that you will be given up!”

“I am from the Yao Family, but….”

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