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Chapter 866 The New Queen 3

Aunt said nothing, as she followed the Empress Dowager.

She prevented herself from trying to persuade the Empress Dowager.

She had been serving the Empress Dowager for so many years, so she was very aware of what she should say and what she should not.


At Qianqing Palace

The King was distracted by the portrait when the Empress Dowager arrived.

Then she said helplessly as she saw the King staring at the portrait, “She is gone, so dont linger upon her any more.

What matters is those who are alive.”

“The Queen has been gone for approximately one month, so you should move on.

Honored Princess Jing has been in charge of the affairs in the back court.

And for that, you should think about establishing the new Queen.

Also, the heir has been instated, and you cant possibly allow his mother to stay as just an Honored Princess, right”

The King was brought back to himself.

He shook his head as he thought of the new Queen.

Normally, it would be time to establish a new Queen, but his instinct told him not to – in his heart, he still believed that Jiang Shuang should be the Queen, in the past and in the future.

Jiang Shuang should live in the Weiyang Palace.

The Empress Dowager was right, but the King did not want to say yes to this thing.

So he mumbled.

“It is still too early to get a new Queen, the heir has just been endowed and he needs practice.

We can think about the new Queen when it is time.”


“We are not in a hurry for any of this,” the King said.


He was begging the Empress Dowager.

He was very worried that the Empress Dowager was going to say some things to embarrass him.

He truly was not in a mood to get a new Queen, and that was what he was thinking straightforwardly.

He had no intention of making any changes.

The Empress Dowager opened her mouth and was about to say something, but she eventually sighed and let it go.

“Since we still need to wait a while before the new Queen is established, we need to get some more girls for the back court, which has been quite silent since the Queen passed away.

We will get the Ministry of Rites to find the new girls.”

The King nodded.

Everything else was fine, as long as the New Queen is not mentioned.

As long as his mother stopped mentioning anything about the New Queen.

“Okay, you decide,” the King said.

The Empress Dowager nodded and said nothing more.

Although it was an advantageous thing to have the New Queen established at the moment, if the King did not want to, then she had to drop it.

Compared to the King, Honored Princess Jing was nothing.

The King was her son, and as long as there was no major interest involved, she still favored her son instead.

She would not annoy him just because of something small mentioned by Honored Princess Jing.

Now that the heir had been endowed, the new Queen would just be something added for the existing wonder.

However, it did not have to happen at the moment.

They could wait.

Time would heal.

Any deep affection would be gone as time passed by, and the King was not someone with deep affection either.

The Empress Dowager returned to Cining Palace, feeling slightly tired.

Honored Princess Jing was waiting at Cining Palace.

She was told that her aunt had visited the King for this matter, so she came to the palace just to get an answer.

“How is it, Aunt”

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