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Chapter 863 One Thing

The King believed that Jiang Shuang looked much more comfortable to his eyes right now.

And she was like she was before and said, “Zhou Sheng, take my hands.”


It was a spring in February of the 23rd year of the Saint Dividen Land.

The Queens funeral was held in the most concise way under the arrangement of the Ministry of Rites.

The body was carried to the imperial graveyard from the town and the coffin was brought in, then the funeral ended.

No one from the court came to pay their condolences, and the King was absent too.

Only Zhou Huaijin, Gu Chaoyan, Zhao Yiqiu and Madame Jiang, as well as some other retired ministers were present.

The Queen passed away after being in her seat for 23 years.

An announcement was put up in the court


The civilians were still in utter grief at the Queens death, when the endowment ceremony of the heir took place.

The bustling ceremony lasted for three days, and the message was passed on to every household.

Soon, the sadness about the Queens death was replaced by happiness that permeated every corner of the country.

At the ceremony when the heir was endowed, all the ministers and officers watched the whole show, whilst the Empress Dowager, Honored Princess Jing and the King held the ceremony personally just to show the importance of the heir.

Apart from the heir and Princess Consort of the Heir, the Gu Mansion was the happiest of all.

The whole ceremony was so lively… Even days after it, people were still talking about the ceremony.

The ceremony was such a grand event to start with, yet Lord Huai, who used to be most adored, was no longer on the top.

The civilians were very curious about this strange show.

The Kings family was full of complications and love was never real.

The civilians were all craning their necks to see the show that came afterwards.

In March of the same year… The Queens funeral and Heirs ceremony finally came to the end, and the peaceful days returned.

When everything quieted down, Honored Princess Jing started to get restless.

The Queen had been gone for a full month, and her son was already the heir, yet the King had not mentioned a thing about endowing the new Queen.

She had been waiting for the position for more than 23 years, so Honored Princess Jing had lost the patience to wait to take the throne.

Her son was already the heir, so his mother should be the Queen, that was how the rules went.

Honored Princess Jing did not want her son to get demeaned because of her status.

She was different now.

Therefore, Honored Princess Jing came to Cining Palace early in the morning.

She had the intention, but she just could not put it forward to the King herself.

Instead, she had to ask the Empress Dowager to remind the King.

At Cining Palace.

The Empress Dowager was just taking the nap when she saw Honored Princess Jing.

She asked indifferently, “What are you doing here, Honored Princess Jing”

Honored Princess Jing smiled timidly.

She had not greeted the Empress Dowager as frequently as before, since she was busy with many affairs.

The Empress Dowager must be feeling displeased by her.

“Aunt, I have been very busy these days, and I have no one to help me, so I have been too busy to visit you.” Honored Princess Jing said with a flattering smile.

The Empress Dowager nodded hesitantly.

She would not embarrass her family clan.

“But Aunt, I am here to have a discussion with you,” Honored Princess Jing said with her body half bent.

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