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Chapter 861 Decision

“You have not understood the important point at all! The Queen was a special person, but she is part of the Jiang Family.

You are making your own heir suffer because of someone from the Jiang Family, and I think that those from the Jiang Family would be laughing under the earth.”

“Also, the Queen was sick for a long time before she passed away, and that is not a very auspicious thing.”

“In the past, such a patient would have been buried without the publics eyes, but you are an emotional person, so I cant allow you to skip the heir because of the funeral!”


“How would the heir look, if his ceremony is postponed because of one not so auspicious thing You are not doing it for his sake, but to cause him trouble! Your offspring will not speak well of him, and the ministers will not respect him!”



“What matters most of all is the living, not the deceased.

You have to understand that point!” the Empress Dowager said angrily.

She sounded so determined that she did not seem to leave the King any space to counter.

The King started to hesitate.

He prioritized the Queens funeral, only because he felt that he had not treated Jiang Shuang well when she was alive, so he should give her a grand funeral.

He had not taken any other factors into consideration.

What his mother said was right.

The heir had a long life, and he could not just make him suffer because of his own guilt.

The heir had married the Phoenix Girl, so he should be taken into consideration in everything.

Also, what his mother said about the living and the deceased were totally right.

The King started to make a different plan.

Seeing that the King started to hesitate, the Empress Dowager let out a sigh of relief.

She continued.

“If you make the heir suffer, then that basically means that you are demeaning him and raising Lord Huai.

Lord Huai is not an ambitious person, but what if he has some other thoughts, he might do something about the heir, and cause a sibling war! The Queen is gone, and Xunyang is missing, so Lord Huai is the only child she has left.

The child will not have a promising future, but at least, he should be guaranteed to live and have a free life, right That is the least you can do for the Queen.”

The King let out a sigh of relief.

That was totally right.

Lord Huai had been a spoiled child since he was little, and he had no promising future and he needed to rely on his brothers.

So he should not offend his brothers at the moment.

He disliked Lord Huai, but at least, he could guarantee that he had a carefree life.

It seemed that the Ministry of Rites should not follow his previous order.

The King looked at his mother gratefully.

He had not been considerate enough on many occasions, but his mother kept reminding him so that he would not make any mistakes.

“I know what I should do, mother,” the King said politely.

The Empress Dowager nodded in satisfaction.

Since the King knew what he should do, she would not say anything more.

She did not care about the Queen, but she should not leave the heir in such a state.

She wanted the heir to take the throne, so she was going to stop every bad thing from happening.

The Empress Dowager finished speaking, then the King asked the officers from the Ministry of Rites to come in.

The King said as he looked at the Ministry of Rites.

“As for the funeral and the ceremony…”

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