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Chapter 854 Situation

“Although the Chu Family are top officers in the court, we have to be very careful about whatever we do and say in the court.

If Yerong marries the Young Master of the Gu Family, she only marries them because of her family background.

They dont marry her for who she is, and what they want is that we should take their side.” Chu Tian sighed and shook his head.

“Your Elder Sister has a clear head, and she knows the rules, but they dont understand anything.”

“We have rules for ourselves.

We are only loyal to the King.”



“That is because the situation is changing all the time, and you cant predict who is going to take the throne in the end.

If we make a false bet, it will ruin our whole family.”

“The King right now was the least likely prince to take the throne at that time, and no one noticed his existence, but look at what happened now.

Who could have foreseen the present situation years back”


“Your grandpa did not take a side, that is how our family continued to flourish,” Chu Tian said emotionally.

His father was the person that he admired above all, but he passed away ages ago.

Otherwise he could have had a discussion with his father about what happened today, and he would not have to be so annoyed.

Chu Tian sighed.

“Currently, we should not take a side, but we should not offend Lord Ling and the Gu Family either.

I called you here today just to make sure that you understand this point.

Watch out for your manners with them from today on.” Chu Tian stressed.

Chu Yu was born by Mrs.

Chu, so he was the Eldest Son in the family.

He had considered him as the heir of the Chu Family, so he had spent a lot of effort and time on this boy, so he should not make any mistakes.

Chu Yu stood up and answered politely.

“Yes, father.”

Chu Tian nodded.

He was confident about Chu Yu.

It was already enough for him to understand the point.

He got up in exhaustion, and each of them went back to their own business.

That was the only thing Chu Tian said to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu walked out of the hall, looking quite serious and stressed too.

He should not take a side, and even if he did, he didnt think that Lord Ling would think of him as someone important.

Gu Yunhe hated him for some reason, so no matter what he did or said to him, Gu Yunhe was always extremely hostile.

Because of that, Lord Ling ignored him too.

It seemed that Lord Ling did not like the whole Chu Family.

Therefore, even if they decided to take Lord Lings side, their family would not benefit from anything, even if Lord Ling took the throne later.

Father believed that it was safe not to take a side, but Chu Yu did not think that the situation was that easy.

He felt that the current situation made it difficult for the Chu Family to have a good result, unless Lord Huai…

Unless Lord Huai took the throne, then he would be a fair King.

He had not liked Lord Huai before.

He thought that Lord Huai did not have any knowledge, and was arrogant and unreasonable, but after the Spring Hunt, he changed his mind.

He almost felt that Lord Huai was hiding his true abilities.

He gave it a deeper thought about what happened too.

If Lord Huai was really a spoiled, naive kid, then he would have been totally ruined when his grandfather passed away and he moved out of the court.

He preferred Lord Huai, of course, but Lord Huai had no one supporting him, and there was a small possibility that he would take the throne.

That made Chu Yu feel confused.

He was wondering whether he should have a meeting with Lord Huai too.

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