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Chapter 853 Understanding

Although he was boring and traditional, he was someone who followed the rules.

She married him only because their family backgrounds matched and she was following the familys arrangement.

She had been dissatisfied by how the Prime Minister behaved when she was still young, and thought that he was way too strict.

She thought that a young person at his age with such a mature mind would make life boring.

Occasionally, she would get together with her friends who talked about their own husbands.

And the only good things she could say about her own husband was that he was mature for his age.

He was behaving so politely even in front of her.

She tended to make complaints in front of her mother when she was still young, and she once groaned over this drawback.

Now more than a decade had passed and the Prime Minister had not changed a bit.

He was still strict and boring, yet he treated her so nicely and showed her utter respect, and now, she was the happiest madam of all.

She was so moved by what the Prime Minister just said.

She was Mrs.

Chu, so she could do whatever she wanted as Mrs.


As she was thinking about this inwardly, she still wore a very modest and elegant expression on her face.

After she got the Second Lady of the Chu Family and the Second Concubine back to their yards, she arranged her staff to watch over them.

Then she turned around.

The aunt next to her asked.

“Madame, why do you not explain anything to them”


Chu shook her head.

“The Prime Minister has already made the arrangement, so we dont need to say anything.

The Second Concubine and Chu Yerong are not young kids.

They would not understand anything, no matter how much we try to explain.

Also, these are related to the Chu Family as well as the court, and it is good that they have no idea of any of the real reasons.

Just as the Prime Minister has said to us, they need to understand the rules and manners, and that will be enough,” Mrs.

Chu said.

She grew up in a noble family too, so she knew pretty well what to say and do and what not to say and do.

The aunt nodded with a smile.

She looked at Mrs.

Chu – she did not have to worry about Mrs.

Chu any more.

When Mrs.

Chu first got married, she kept complaining about the Prime Minister being boring.

At that time, she and Madame Chu all believed that Prime Minister was a very nice man, though the young Mrs.

Chu had no idea about that.

Now she had gradually understood.

They were just walking towards the main yard when in the hall, Chu Tian finally stopped being angry after dealing with the Second Concubine.

He looked at Chu Yu with a look of relaxation.

“Yu, you are turning 20 years old soon, and you should watch and learn.

If you are able to marry a wife like your mother, you would never have to worry about a thing in your life, but if you marry someone like the Second Concubine, you will be ruined.”

“Just think that a woman, who is always inside the yard, can do nothing.

They are good at dealing with trivialities, which can be influential as well.”

“Your grandpa chose your mother as my wife back then, and I said yes because I heard something about her too.

Your grandma did not like her at first and forced me to marry someone else, but I insisted on my own choice, and that is lucky.

Look at the Second Concubine, who was picked by your grandma, and then you can see the difference.”



“You and Xiwen are both people with your own opinions.

You have to be careful when it comes to your future spouses.” Chu Tian stressed.

Chu Yu smiled.

Father kept praising mother, but never did that in front of her.

That was a pity.

Chu Tian did not know what Chu Yu was thinking.

He said, “The Second Concubine always says that the Young Master of the Gu Family is a good suitor, but she just doesnt understand one thing…”

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