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Chapter 842 Truth

The Empress Dowager said with a look of misery and disappointment.

She pretended as if she were trying to hide something important.

The King, who had been feeling lucky for Lord Lings safety despite the attack, felt shocked when he heard that his mother had something more to say.

He could not conceal his expression.

Something else happened before His mother must have known something, but she had been holding it for a long time.

“What is it” the King asked with surprise and anxiety.

The Empress Dowager sighed.

She wore a very helpless look on her face.

“Actually back to the end of last year, when Lord Ling married the Phoenix Girl and recieved many tasks from you, he had a feeling that someone was following him.

One day when he went back to Lord Lings Mansion, a couple of assassins attacked him, but he was protected by his guards, so he missed the attack.”

“They got the assassins and spent one month interrogating them, until one of them confessed that they used to work for the Jiang Family, but they could get no more.”

“I should have reported the message to you back then, but Lord Ling was not injured, and the whole thing had so much to do with the Queens family, so we had to have a deep discussion first before telling you.”

“Lord Ling is like his mother, smart but honest.

He was worried that his Eighth Brother and the Queen would be affected, so he came to me and asked about the solution.”

“I asked him to look deeper into the matter, and said that he should not wrong good men.

That was when I started to feel defensive towards the Queen.

You are, after all, my son, and I should always stand by your side, so that you will not be hurt.”

“Later, Xunyang disappeared from the court, and I believe that it has something to do with the Jiang Family as well.

So I confirmed that the assassins who attacked Lord Ling used to work for the Jiang Family as well.

That was why I suggested that the Queen should move to the town, so that they would not hurt you instead.”


“I should have told you the truth earlier, but we did not have enough evidence at that time, and you were busy with many errands, so the whole thing was delayed.

Then you went to the town personally after hearing about the Queens condition.”



“So I had to tell you the truth right now.

You are my son, and I can tell that you care about the Queen a lot.

I just didnt want you to feel miserable after knowing the truth.”

“However, my hesitation has caused so much damage for Lord Ling.

So I have to tell you the truth today!”

When the Empress Dowager finished her speech she still wore a look of regret.

“I thought that if the Queen could just stay down-to-earth, if you like her so much, but…” The Empress Dowager sighed and stopped speaking

The King wore a look of disbelief on his face as he recalled a lot of things.

After he made a confession to Jiang Shuang, what happened later catered to what he had just heard.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Shuang was setting him up! He had been so worried about her!

He felt especially sorry for Honored Princess Jing and Lord Ling when he blamed Xunyangs disappearance on them.

When his men failed to find Xunyang, he put the blame on Honored Princess Jing!

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