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Chapter 841 Horrible Deed

Evening was coming soon, so De Fu should get the wagon and people ready if the King had the intention of returning to the town.

Now when Lord Ling was badly injured, there would be even more things to prepare if the King was going to go on that trip.

After all, he had noticed that the King was clinging to the Queen somehow.

That was why he asked the King for confirmation.

The King was startled, and then he thought of what happened these days and what the Jiang Family had been like, he could not help, but start to wonder.

He shook his head with a bad look on his face.

“No need.

Just get some messengers to report to me about the Queens health every day, that is all,” the King said stiffly without many emotions.

He had started to suspect that Jiang Shuang was playing hard to get.

In this way, he might feel sorry for her, so that he would favor their son more.

So he would not busy himself by visiting the town.

He was going to look into the whole thing right from the start.

Having said these words, the King stopped mentioning the Queen any more.

With a sunken expression, he headed towards Qianqing Palace.

De Fu was confused.

He had been serving the King since he was young, and he had thought that he knew him well.

That was why he thought the King had fallen for the Queen and showed real concern for her.

However, judging from what happened today, it seemed that he was wrong after all.

De Fu shook his head slightly.

He was just a servant, so all he needed to do was to obey his orders.

He did not have to dwell upon anything

The King had been absent from Qianqing Palace for a couple of days, but the servants at Qianqing Palace did not stop keeping the Palace clean and neat.

They swept the floor each day and made sure the incense was on.

The familiar scent and feelings made the King feel much more comfortable.

The town was a beautiful place, but he did not feel at home.

Qianqing Palace was definitely much better.

De Fu served the tea to the King personally.

The King sipped the tea and started to think with his eyes closed.

It was not until the Empress Dowager arrived that the King put down his teacup and got up.

“Greetings, mother.”

The Empress Dowager nodded.

The load inside her heart was finally released when she saw the King greeting her.

She could sense that the King had been feeling quite dissatisfied with her and he showed that on his face.

Therefore, the Empress Dowager believed that he started to treat her with respect, when she saw him greeting her.

Lord Ling was badly injured this time, and that was something he had to suffer from, but it seemed that the attack had helped them gain a


Within such a short period of time, the Empress Dowager had gone through a lot inside her head, but she showed none of this in front of them, yet still maintained the calm and serious expression she had been holding in daily life.

“I heard you are back in court.

So I am here to visit you.

You must have seen Lord Ling, havent you”

The King nodded and had a very complicated look on his face.

The Empress Dowager continued with satisfaction.

“Lord Ling is lucky.

He has many devoted guards who helped him out.

Otherwise, he would have gotten more than just injured.

They were out there trying to kill Lord Ling! Honored Princess Jing has not had experience with any of these, so she burst into tears and passed out.

She is still asleep at this point.”

“That is a terrible thing!”

“I have to be honest with you about something, which I had not believed should be put forward at this stage before.”

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