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Chapter 838 One Thing

Zhao Yiqiu did not expect that the King would truly care about Zhou Huaijin, because in his eyes, the Jiang Family had always been the barrier.

Zhou Huaijin was part of the Jiang Family, so he was probably holding a grudge towards him as well.

He would not be bothered to give his wedding any thoughts.

Jiang Shuang had a plan for the wedding, but she was not in a healthy condition right now so she could not do anything.

And if all went according to the plan, she would have to leave the capital or reside like a hermit in the city.

So regarding Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyans wedding, he had to ask her about that.

He was, after all, Huaijins mothers friend.

Zhou Huaijin had been busy with many other issues these days, and had been absent, so Zhao Yiqiu asked Gu Chaoyan directly.

He should normally have asked Zhou Huaijin, not Gu Chaoyan, but Gu Chaoyan was such a special person that he subconsciously thought that she was someone who could make decisions and that she had her own opinions.

He would have waited for Zhou Huaijin to return and ask about the wedding, if the bride had been some other ordinary girl, but Gu Chaoyan could explain the whole thing straightforwardly.

Hearing Zhao Yiqius question, Gu Chaoyan thought of how she had talked about this with Zhou Huaijin before in a general way.

Since Zhao Yiqiu asked her this time, Gu Chaoyan said straightforwardly, “According to the plan, the Queen should be gone in a fortnight.

When the Queen is gone, Zhou Huaijin will need to show filial piety for a while.

And since the Queen is in such a serious condition right now, it would not be possible for us to hold the wedding within this half a month.

Therefore, I believe that we can only postpone the wedding.

We are already engaged, so it doesnt matter when we hold the wedding.”


“There are way too many things to deal with at the moment,” Gu Chaoyan said emotionally.

Zhao Yiqiu looked at Gu Chaoyan and admired her even more.

He had been in society all throughout his life, and he had run into many people and gone through much, thanks to his excellent medical skills.

He admired few people, let alone women.

Most of the women in the world were weak and feeble, and they only cared about what happened inside their house, making them boring for him to befriend.

Among all of the girls, he had admired Jiang Shuang the most before.

He believed that she was a pure-minded person who trusted love and who was a rarely-seen person from a noble family, but Gu Chaoyan was also a special person.

She looked cold, but was actually full of love and justice.

She never allowed herself to be trapped inside one small place, and she had a broad mind.

She was an independent existence, and because of her independence, she never feared losing anything, like in the issue of her wedding.

Or maybe she was like Jiang Shuang, who knew who to hate and who to love.

It was definitely Zhou Huaijins luck that he was marrying Gu Chaoyan.

“Zhou Huaijin is a person with trust, someone you can definitely believe in.

We have been together for a long time, and our relationship will not be changed, just because we arent holding the wedding in spring,” Gu Chaoyan smiled and said.

“You have understood it,” Zhao Yiqiu said calmly.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

It was getting late so Zhao Yiqiu asked Gu Chaoyan to take a break.

Gu Chaoyan greeted the King who was not far away and left.

The King stayed there until deep into night, before he was taken away by the eunuch, but Zhao Yiqiu was still guarding the door.

Aunt Nan asked him to take a break, which he turned down.

Aunt Nan asked hesitantly before she went back to the room.


Zhao, I would like to know one thing.”

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