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Chapter 835 What Other Business

The King frowned.

He suddenly thought of how he asked his Fourth Son to join him here, when Honored Princess Jing and the Empress Dowager were leaving a couple of days ago.

He looked at the tightly-closed room and then at the eunuch and nodded.

“Lets leave, I have some business to share with Lord Ling.”

As he finished speaking, he looked at Gu Chaoyan and said, “You should keep me informed the moment the Queen gets better.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded and responded and only then did the King feel slightly better.

He planned to deal with this issue while Zhao Yiqiu was still treating the Queen.

There was one hall prepared for the guests in the town and Zhou Huailing was waiting there.

He, by the order of his mother, greeted the King politely when he saw the King coming to him.

He looked concerned and worried.

“Are you used to living here in the town I heard that the Queen is suffering from a cold, and that you can get infected easily.

You have to take good care of yourself, when you are taking care of the Queen.

Your health is the most important thing.” Hearing what Zhou Huailing said, the King felt much better.

Although Zhou Huailing was showing care to him, not to the Queen, he still found it alright since Ling was paying respect to him.


It would be good if he could behave and think in this way.

Then he would be totally assured to have him supervising the country.

The King was no longer in a serious mood as he felt better.

He also looked much more relaxed.

He said as he looked at Zhou Huailing.

“The Queen is the first lady of the country and she has been by my side for so long, and has taken good care of the women in the court.

I am going to stay here by her side since she is sick.

Therefore you will be in charge of national affairs these days.

I have already entrusted you to conduct many errands and I believe that you are able to handle it well.”


“You can make decisions of your own when it comes to small errands.”

“However, when it comes to something important, which you cant make a decision about, send someone to me, or you can come to me personally to pass on the message.”


“Dont feel too stressed while you are supervising the country, you need to learn little by little,” the King said confidently.

Zhou Huailing was listening to the King carefully as he was standing next to him.

When he was done Zhou Huailing said politely, “Father, when I conducted tasks in the past, you gave me the order and I followed, and I was also assisted by many ministers.

Supervising the country will be different.

I am worried that I wont be able to do it well.

Well, what about me just reading some petitions these days, instead of being present in the court I can come to the town every day when I am done with the petitions, so that you can read through them too”

Hearing what Zhou Huailing said, the King smiled.

His son was showing respect to his father, and that made him feel assured.

Moreover, Ling did come up with a good idea.

If that was the case…

“Okay, that sounds good.

The Queen has become ill suddenly, and I dont have much time to speak with you.

You can return home now,” the King said and got up.


Zhou Huailings face sank, but The King did not notice any of this.

The King took a few steps and then turned around as if he thought of something suddenly.

Zhou Huailing regained his expression of modesty.

“Father, what else would you like to say to me”

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