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Chapter 832 Answer Me!

The Queen looked at him calmly and said nothing.

Instead, she just sat there quietly, looking tired.

However, she did not close her eyes for a break since the King was speaking.

The King felt slightly assured seeing that she was listening to him.

Back in the Weiyang Palace, he often came to Jiang Shuang when he was annoyed by something.

Jiang Shuang was always like this, listening to him quietly.


At that time, he did not dare to spill the whole truth to Jiang Shuang even if he was really angry.

He had only been telling half lies and half truths.

However, even if that was the case, he would still feel better after speaking with Jiang Shuang.

Including now.

He did not dare to speak his inner thoughts and guesses, yet he still would like to have a word with Jiang Shuang.

“The Empress Dowager has changed.” The King said sadly, “She only has me as a son, and she has done everything for my sake since childhood.

I respect her and listen to her, and I have made her the most glorious Empress Dowager.

Yet now she is no longer doing everything for my sake.” The King shook his head.

He looked quite distressed.

When he was making complaints about the Empress Dowager, he did not dare to talk about the specific matters in front of the Queen.

Jiang Shuang looked at him quietly.

She suddenly felt that the Empress Dowager was quite pitiful too.

Zhou Sheng only liked her because what he wanted was to make use of her for the Jiang Family.

However, for the Empress Dowager, he did not have any affection towards her, because all he needed was to let the Empress Dowager plan for his sake.

The Empress Dowager had been helping him for most of her life, and yet now he started to suspect the Empress Dowager for such a small thing

Zhou Sheng was a very selfish person and only liked himself, not others.

Jiang Shuang had seen that, so she had no other expression on her face.

She had made up her mind to leave.

However, when the King finished speaking, he suddenly took hold of the Queens hands and looked at her tiredly.

“Jiang Shuang, I understand that you are treating me with your true heart.”

“Lets forget about the past and drop the misery.”

“You have to get better, and I will treat you well.”

Jiang Shuang looked at him in silence and she said nothing.

She did not believe Zhou Sheng any more.

His heart would change one day, even though he claimed that he was going to treat her carefully.

Jiang Shuang felt that the whole thing was very ironic.

She turned around and refused to look at the


The King frowned and tightened his grip.

“Answer me!”

The Queen frowned and subconsciously wanted to pull her hand away from his.

However, the King, who had sensed her move, tightened his grip again and refused to let go.

Staring at the Queen, he approached her, smelling the medicinal scent on her body.

He felt furious and said, “Answer me.”

The fact that he was so close made the Queen uncomfortable, so she moved aside and wanted to pull her hands away.

The way she resisted the King made him feel very annoyed.

He felt fury arising from inside his heart.

She was like that back at the Weiyang Palace, which was totally understable.

Since that was when she could not accept the truth and turned him down, but now…

He had already explain everything.

Why was she still like this

The King swept her into his arms.

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