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Chapter 825 Your Plan

Gu Chaoyan was not an important target, no matter what she did.

She was not better than Gu Ruxue anyway, so why bother to talk about her

What troubled Honored Princess Jing above all was the Queen.

She knew pretty well that the King had been making use of the Queen so he pretended to be kind-hearted for her.

She had not been worried about his affection in the past.

What she had been doing was to plan the future for her son Ling.

However, now she realized that the King had fallen for the Queen, and that he could not leave her.

Otherwise he would not have mentioned the heir in front of the Queen.

It basically meant that the King had gotten the slightest idea of making Lord Huai the heir.

However, because of her and her Aunt, the King had gotten rid of the idea, but Honored Princess Jing was unsure whether the King would come up with the same idea again and when that happened, she might not even be able to stop him on time.

People who were emotional were most difficult to deal with.

Ling had married the Phoenix Girl and was definitely going to take the throne in the future, but Ling was her son.

She believed that Ling was the most excellent man in this world and she did not expect that her handsome and outstanding son would be misunderstood and fail to get the throne the right way.

She was going to give her son the best.

“What” The Empress Dowager looked at Honored Princess Jing.

“I am just worried that the King would make impulsive decisions because of his affection for the Queen.” Honored Princess Jing looked miserable.

The Empress Dowager looked at how she reacted and then she smiled.

Honored Princess Jing was too inexperienced to be worried over these things.


She was worried yet she did nothing to set up the King, which was what satisfied the Empress Dowager.

Honored Princess Jing was a very honest person after all.

She failed at many things, but she was down to earth.

She could do something about the King from her side, but Honored Princess Jing could not.

She had been making some plans, which she would like to use when the time was right, but seeing the way Honored Princess Jing behaved, the Empress Dowager said, “You dont have to worry about the King and the Queen.

I have already got a plan for that.

Right now, the King is attached to the Queen deeply, and doesnt want her to leave, but we can make it so that the King hates the Queen.

If he hates her, everything else will work out, that was how the Jiang Family ended up anyway, right”

However, the Empress Dowager stopped at this point.

There were too many things and people involved regarding the Jiang Family.

Although those guarding the town were her staff, she was worried that someone was eavesdropping behind the wall, so the Empress Dowager was being cautious.

“Just take care of your own part, and be sure Lord Ling and Ruxue do well.

I will see to the rest, dont worry,” the Empress Dowager said from a commanding view.

Honored Princess Jing smiled.

She had thought that the Empress Dowager would be merciful about the King who made the mistakes and almost ruined the whole thing, but it turned out that the Empress Dowager had noticed the issue even more than she had.

The Empress Dowager was in the process of handling the issue as well.

That assured her deeply.

As long as the Empress Dowager was willing to offer help, she did not have to worry about a thing.

“What is your plan, Aunt” Honored Princess Jing asked with a smile.

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