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Chapter 822 At the Queens Place

He felt even more uncomfortable.

He shouted.

“Hang on.”

Zhao Yiqiu looked up at the King.

He was not showing any expression, nor did he say anything more.

Instead, he was waiting for the Kings reply.

The King said as he was frowning.

“You can only feel her pulse through the handkerchief.”

That had been the rule prevailing in the court.

When the imperial doctors were feeling the princesses pulse in the court, they normally did that through a handkerchief instead of touching the princesses pulse directly.

Zhao Yiqiu looked at the King.

He was feeling a bit angry.

Jiang Shuang was so sick and yet he was still thinking about the rules.

Yes, it was true that when the imperial doctors were checking up on the princesses, they needed to follow the rule.

Yet that was only a rule for small colds.

Jiang Shuang, on the other hand, was so sick already and he was still insisting on this rule.

He shook his head slightly.

He was very angry, but he did not want to counter him.

It was the Queen they were arguing about.

“Aunt Nan, please bring Lady Chaoyan here,” Zhao Yiqiu said politely.

Aunt Nan nodded and left.

The King, on the other hand, felt displeased.

He was displeased no matter what happened.

It seemed that as long as he was here, nothing was right.

Jiang Shuang was still holding a grudge against him.

She did not seem to have the intention of talking with him.

He just did not understand why Jiang Shuang would be so stubborn that she was angry with him for such a minor matter after being together for so many years.

Gu Chaoyan hurried in and greeted the King, then Zhao Yiqiu said, “Chaoyan, feel the pulse for the Queen.” Gu Chaoyan glanced at Zhao Yiqiu and the King, and realized what was going on.


Zhao was a man with integrity.

During this period when he was taking care of the Queen, he had been working accordingly.

He had never done anything over the top, but the King still had some extra thoughts for him, even though since the Queen was so seriously sick, they should have dropped the rules and manners.

Gu Chaoyan sighed and felt her pulse.

At the moment, what she needed was to find out if there were any other diseases existing in the Queens body.

As long as no side effects occurred, everything was going according to the plan.

Gu Chaoyan was a capable doctor, but she was using a different method, so she was not very sure after feeling her pulse.

“How is it” The King asked.

He had come to visit Jiang Shuang and she should feel much better after seeing him, so she should get better.

Gu Chaoyan frowned slightly.


Zhao has been conducting the treatment this past period, so even if I feel her pulse, I still cant be sure what is going on.

I am afraid that Mr.

Zhao has to take over.”

Gu Chaoyan would never allow anything to happen to the Queen.

That was why she said something like this.

The Kings face sank.

So no one except for Zhao Yiqiu could take over, but he could not stand Zhao Yiqiu.

However, he had no choice, but to make a compromise.

So he said with a sunken expression.

“Then you do it.”

Zhao Yiqiu nodded and showed no expression.

The whole process was fast.

He nodded seeing that her pulse rate was confirmed.

“All is well.”

The King let out a sigh of relief and added.

“Aunt Nan, get ready for my stay here tonight.”

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