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Chapter 817 Back to the Court

He even looked a bit apologetic.

If he had not started the conversation, then the whole thing would be easily dodged, but he started the topic himself, and gave his son hope, so that he would become disappointed again.

He could not make him the heir, so he thought that he could use other things to make it up for him.

He had to think about it carefully now.

However, the King could not possibly give an explanation to this issue at the moment.

When the Empress Dowager saw the scene, she realized that the King had decided to drop the topic.

So she needed to help him out.

She said, “Honored Princess Jing had wanted to bring you food at Qianqing Palace, but ran into me.

I told her about what happened here in the town, so she is here with me, worrying about the Queen.”

Since the Empress Dowager mentioned Honored Princess Jing at this moment, she should be totally aware of what to do.

The King was holding a grudge towards her because of what she did between him and the Queen, but he was not holding a grudge towards Honored Princess Jing.

She was the culprit, but not Honored Princess Jing.

Also, Honored Princess Jing had her son and the Phoenix Girl behind her, so the King would not hold a grudge towards her.

When the Empress Dowager mentioned this, the King sadly looked at the Queen lying in bed.

Then he said, “Thank you, Honored Princess, you were kind-hearted enough to hurry here.”

He moved from his seat and asked Honored Princess Jing to take a closer look at the Queen.

He was still wearing a very sorrowful expression on his face, but he had calmed down by this point and started to accept the fact that the Queen was extremely sick.

When Honored Princess Jing got permission, she showed a sad look on her face and said, “Queen!” As she sat down by the bedside.

Zhao Yiqiu frowned.

He did not like this scene very much.

Jiang Shuang showed the traces of death because of the drug he gave to her.

He understood that Jiang Shuang was going to come back to life after a while, yet the traces of death would cause her misery.

Jiang Shuang would have a better time in silence.

However, now it was so noisy and Jiang Shuang was very affected.

Despite his own position, Zhao Yiqiu snapped.

“Now you have seen the Queen and understood how she was doing, please leave.

The Queen is not doing well these days, and she has not taken a good rest.

Now it is time for a break and she will be distracted if you keep making noise.”

Zhao Yiqiu sounded quite serious as he said this.

Honored Princess Jing was startled.

She was quite displeased.

So she was the one to be blamed

She was about to counter when the Empress Dowager said, “The Queen needs a quiet environment, just as you have all seen.

You should return to the court since the day is getting late.

There are many rooms in the town, and you can spend the night here and return the following day.”

“Okay.” Honored Princess Jing answered and came to the Empress Dowagers side.

She did not even take a look at the Queen at all.

Honored Princess Jing hoped that the Queen would die as soon as possible.

She never showed her true care.

Only the King believed Honored Princess Jings pretentious show.

The Empress Dowager was about to leave, when she saw the King not moving.

“You should leave too.”

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