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Chapter 803 Throwing a Temper

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What was she doing here

Gu Chaoyan frowned as she thought inwardly.

She did not think that the Gu Family would need her for anything at the moment.

So what was Mrs.

Gu doing here She should be going about, showing off her position at

the moment rather than appearing here.

Gu Chaoyan stood up instantly.

She was just worried that the pageboy of Xinlin Clinic would not be able to handle Mrs.

Gu, who must be up to no good.

Xiu Jie had been arranged to deal with other things at the moment, so he was absent.


Gu caught sight of Gu Chaoyan after she threw a temper in the lobby.

Gu Chaoyan took a seat in composure, then she told the pageboy to take a break in the backyard.

He left with a helpless expression on his face.

Gu Chaoyan said nothing as she looked at Mrs.

Gu, but started to drink the tea as she kept staring at Mrs.



Gu was still wearing a very arrogant expression on her face.

Honestly, She would never have come to Gu Chaoyan the bi*ch if not for the sake of Ruxue.

She hated seeing her, because she was reminded of her mother Ms.

Lin whenever she saw, but now she had Lord Huai as her

support and she could do nothing about that.

She had decided to forget about her, yet she was forced to turn to her for help.

However, Mrs.

Gu did not have to bend down to her even if she needed her help.

She needed money, right They had a lot of money at Gu Mansion.

Lord Huai must be so poor that he made Gu Chaoyan open a clinic here to make extra money.


Gu sat down and pointed at Sword One.

“You, come and get me some tea.”

Sword One did not even make a move or blink hearing what Mrs.

Gu said.

She pretended as if she heard nothing.

She was the maid, but she only obeyed her own Elder Miss order.

Sword One never listened to anyone else.

Seeing that Sword One was not moving, Mrs.

Gu looked very angry.

She was a woman with an extraordinary social status right now.

Wherever she went, she received respect and compliments, but this maid ignored

her totally.

“You damn girl, come and get me tea, did you hear me” Mrs.

Gu shouted as she glared at Sword One.

Sword One frowned.

She was very displeased.

She went to Mrs.

Gu, and pulled out her sword as she hurried toward Mrs.


She waved the sword, leaving Mrs.

Gu totally dumbfounded in fright.

She pulled the maid next to her to shield her, but Sword One did not

give up.

Instead, she swung the sword right in front of her.

One of the strands of her hair was cut, but Mrs.

Gu was not injured.

Nevertheless, she was totally frightened.

She had not expected that she would be greeted with a sword!

Before Mrs.

Gu realized what happened, a quarter of an hour had already passed.


Gu shouted.

“How dare you offend me!”

Gu Chaoyan threw a look at Mrs.

Gu after drinking her tea.


Gu was in a mess.

Her hair was unkempt and she had a terrible look on her face.

“Sword One is not your maid, Mrs.

Gu, one more word, and you might get even more messy today.” Gu Chaoyan looked at Mrs.

Gu in a teasing way.

She just did not understand why Mrs.

Gu kept testing her, when she

was not in an advantageous position.

“Now since you are done with throwing your temper, you can leave now,” Gu Chaoyan said as she was about to stand up..

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