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Chapter 796: Young Maids 3

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“So in this way, you are getting fair treatment.

Now the arrangement has been made, with Huailing taking the first position and you the second.

It is fine if you are a bit late, as long as you have enough girls.

“Idont have many children, just a few of you.

That is a great pity.

You should work hard too, so that you can have abundant children too,” the King said.

Well… he was saying these specially for Zhou Huailing.

He had always believed that Zhou Huailing should be the heir, and he was the second eldest son apart from the eldest son.

He got married very early but he had not fathered any sons, so he was urging him.

However, Zhou Huailing felt a little annoyed.

He had thought that it was Gu Ruxues problem that he never had any children, but none of his wives or concubines had ever gotten pregnant.

That was something that confused him.

‘When the King mentioned that, he found the whole thing bothersome.

Zhou Huaijin had been silent all this while.

‘When the King was done speaking, he said coldly,”Father, I dont need any of the young maids.”

The moment Zhou Huaijin finished saying this, the King and Zhou Huailing looked at him in surprise.

The King came back to himself and asked in displeasure.

“You dont like the young maids I arrange for you, so you dont want them”

The maids selected were the most excellent ones.

And yet this man turned them down!

That was what displeased the King deeply.

It was one matter whether he wanted to grant him any, and it was another matter whether his son wanted to take it.

No one had ever turned down the Kings gifts.

Zhou Huaijin shook his head.

“No, it is not about you.

I already have Chaoyan and I dont need any other women.

I only need one girl for my life.”

The King had a very complicated expression on his face.

‘When he heard what Zhou Huaijin said, he seemed to have an idea of what he was talking about, but he did not seem to get the point either.

He was silent for a long while.

Zhou Huailing, however, suddenly burst into laughter.

He looked at Zhou Huaijin as if he were staring at an idiot.

Ever since ancient times, a man always had many wives and concubines.

Imperial children would normally get the most excellent women for themselves.

That was what powerful people

ought to have.

Also, the wives and concubines were related to the profits they could get from the court.

One woman for a lifetime… no idiot would ever do anything like this.

“Honestly, Eighth Brother, you think you are from some poor family who cant get more than one wife” Zhou Huailing said with a smile.

“Father granted you the women, and you can take them.

Soon you will understand whether you need them or not.”

The King looked at Zhou Huaijin with a serious expression on his face.

“Your Fourth Brother is right, dont be silly.”

“You are the lord, and it is a rule that a lord should have one Princess Consort and two Princess Concubines, if you dont want so many, you can take two Princess Concubines to start with, and I can get you some more in the future.” The King offered.

His eighth son had not gotten married, and he might not want to accept so many women at the same time.

He had not even had the intention of getting married in the past.

That was why the King made this offer.

Zhou Huaijin shook his head.

“I dont want any of them.”

The Kings face sank as he heard these words.

He had already made his best offer and yet he still insisted on his own ideas – so he did not think his father was of any importance

“How about this” Zhou Huailing added..

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